What’s your cuckold fantasy?

A cuckold fantasy always starts off a little weird.. A little curiosity can lead you so far out of what you’ve considered normal. Maybe one day you end up on the weird side of your favorite porn site. A little adventure ends up with you seeing something that catches your attention. Sometimes it’s more like wondering if your girl is cheating on you, and wondering who it would be with if she did. It always starts off like an innocent little thought, and the more you think about it, the more you like it. Soon you end up daydreaming about it, wondering what it would look like.. and if your girl would be nice enough to let you watch her. The strangest part though is that most of the fantasies start involving a big black cock.

I’m still not sure where that starts from..

However, I’m definitely not knocking it. My favorite fuckbuddies have been black, and I know for sure I would be tempted to cheat with a black guy. I’m not the cheating type, but I may just change my mind in a situation like that! The girl gets the most fun out of these fantasies, though. Despite the guy being the one usually turned on by watching the cheating happen, the girl now gets to play around with whoever she wants.. and show off a little, too! Can you imagine how much fun that is? Something like that always ends up being a win-win. You get your rocks off, watching her get fucked like a little whore. Your girlfriend or wife gets to fuck around with whoever she wants, and spice up her sex life with a whole new cock to play with.

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