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Every cuckold has a hot cuckold fantasy that drives their cock wild. If you can make it through hearing the details of this kinky sex story then maybe we should role play. It was late and me and my lover crawled into bed. I was wearing only a t shirt and panties. We must of been really tired because we didn’t hear the break in. The only thing that woke me up was feeling something hard slap my cheeks. I open my eyes and a really big cock was rubbing against my cheek and mouth. Frightened I reach for my lover but he’s across the room forced to sit and watch. Then I feel someone from behind grab a hold of my throat while covering my mouth. The men tell me they will hurt my lover if I scream.

When I looked around the room I saw three men dressed in black wearing ski mask over their heads. Two of the guys slid their black pants down passed their knees which exposed their cocks to me. I begged to give them money and jewels if they would leave no one would tell. My begging only seem to entice them because they approached me and forced my hand on their cocks. Two of the men forced me to stroke them while forcing my boyfriend to watch. A combination of the begging and stroking must of excited because the one held my held still while his buddy fucked my mouth. I’ll admit they were huge and my lover is only average.

The guy behind me pushes me on all fours while getting behind me and slipping his cock inside me. Once I felt his cock sliding in I felt myself turning from scared to turned on. He notice how wet I got when he fucked me and showed my lover. The man slapped my lover on the face with his wet cock. two of the men started humiliating my lover and forcing him to clean my juices off their cock using his mouth. The humiliation got worse when they noticed my lover’s cock getting hard. This isn’t over just yet but you’ll have to wait to hear the rest. We can have our own cuckold phone sex until then or I can finish this kinky sex story with you.

Kinky Kelsey