Cuckold Fantasy, Forcing my brother to watch daddy fuck me!

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I was moaning so loud it felt so good, I could feel my panties getting soaked with my juices. Daddy pulled his cock out and slid it into my mouth. He loves it when my moans vibrate every inch of him. Daddy and I had not realized that my brother walked in and was standing in the doorway, watching me take daddies cock balls deep down my throat. I looked up and saw him standing there so I took my mouth off daddies cock.

Displeased daddy looked to see what was distracting me. In a blur of motion, daddy grabbed my brother and threw him on to the bed. My brother’s face was horrified and oddly enough it turned me on having him in the room. “You will sit there and watch! If you even utter a word of this to your mother I will beat you like a red-headed stepchild.” His voice was so angry even I snapped to attention.

Cuckold fantasy, Watch daddy fuck me!

Daddy made me get my brother naked. His cock is so much smaller than daddies! I was praying daddy wouldn’t make me fuck my brothers little baby dick that could never please me as daddy could. Daddy pushed me over the edge of the bed right next to my brother, his cock inches from my face. All of a sudden I can feel daddies thick cock sliding into my tight little cunt.

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