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Are you ready for me to continue this dirty cuckold fantasy. If you missed the beginning to my cuckold story click here before reading part two. I’m pushed onto all fours getting a cock shoved inside my mouth. I feel the other guy behind me grabbing my throat as if he was trying to keep me in line. The cock in my mouth pushed deeper into my throat making choke and gag. I heard the men calling me filthy degrading names to my lover. My lover had to watch the entire gang bang. Then I felt the guy behind me rip my panties off and his cock thrust inside my pussy. But then something else happened I found myself going from scared to turned on. I wasn’t the only one that noticed the guy fucking me noticed too.

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The man announced to the other when he felt my wetness. But I wasn’t the only one getting excited because then men noticed my lover getting hard too. They lined up behind me and decided they all wanted a piece of me. One cock came out and another would go inside my pussy. Each time they swapped out I got more turned on. My tone changed from a scared scream to a pleasure moan. The guys then brought my lover over and shoved their wet hard cocks into his face. He could see my pussy juice covering their cocks but this only turned him on more. The third guy stayed behind me fucking while the two other forced their cocks inside my lovers mouth. He makes me tell him I want him to cum inside me and after I do he fill me up.

The second guy comes back and slips back inside me until blowing a load inside me too. But the first guy puts his cock inside my mouth and came inside. The degrading things we were forced to do next in this cuckold fantasy are humiliating. The cream pie left inside my lover was forced to lick out. But what about that load in my mouth? Can you guess what I had to with it? I’ll tell you all about it during our next phone sex call. No cuckold fantasy but love hearing kinky sex stories? I got plenty erotic sex stories to share with you. Want to hear a really dirty threesome sex story?

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