Why does being a cuckold have to stop at the fantasy?  The whole idea isn’t nearly as taboo as one would think.  In fact, I feel like in my time here at the Kingdom and my time doing phonesex, I have learned that cuckold fantasies are a dime a dozen.  Finding real life partners to partake in these forms of kinky sexual activities is easier than one may think.  Just today, I helped a couple fulfill their fantasy in real life.

Maybe you live in a small town and you’re worried about who may find out about your naughty fetish.  No man wants to tell him friends or for his friends to find out he is letting his wife sleep around.  There are so many outlets to explore.  Fetlife is a wonderful place to start.  No only can you find like minded individuals who understand and share your sexual desires, but you can do it in the privacy of your own home with your partner.  You can pick and choose who you wish to share your time with and make sure they fit no only your needs, but also your partners.

Who knows, maybe in the hunt for the perfect cuckold partner, you stumble upon something else you want to try!

Google is also your friend.  There are so many swingers groups, sex clubs, and just people out there looking to join in on some kinky fun.  Every group loves first timers, and once you are in the nerves subside.  These groups also tend to have a very strike “no snitching” policy.  Everyone is there for the same reason and no one wants to be outed for their particular kink.   Its a safe environment to explore and divulge in not only your cuckold  fantasy, but so much more!

Go out, explore, and find your happy place.  If you are still feeling a little squeamish, let me help guide you through it.  Not only would I love to be a part of your first time, I would love to hear all about it once it is done!  Let’e get kinky together!

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