Now you are the cuckold waiting for your wife to come back home. When we left off in the cheating sex stories part 1, I had just gotten your wife dress and ready for a night of pure unadulterated fun. She was dressed to make cocks stand at attention. Wearing that black french lace garter, bra, and panty set from La Perla, silk stockings and her red stilettos; under that tight, low cut black dress you bought for her to wear on your anniversary. She was looking super fucking hot and you know it. Remembering the childish way she patted your cheeks and said, “Don’t wait up!”  Then, jumping in the Uber and leaving with me. That little cock of yours got hard, didn’t it? Of course, it did, you’re a cuckold.

So the cuckold is waiting at home…

Your wife and I reach the club, and there are several men are vying for our attention. There were a couple of them that I thought would be perfect to fuck your wife. Considering the small penis she was getting from the cuckold waiting back at the house, she deserved a good hard fuck. One of the guys smiled in our direction, so I encouraged her to smile and flirt back. Sending over a few shots and an invitation to VIP we quickly joined him. We headed to the secluded VIP section upstairs above the dance floor of the club. The atmosphere was so sensual and sexy. We’re about to see how nasty of a slut your wife can really get, and I’m planning to send you footage of your wife’s dirty night.

Time for me to work my magic

After a few drinks and dances, she was totally horny and pliable. I commanded her to sit in between the 2 hot friends that sponsored our night of fun. I enjoyed listening to her tell them how deprived he was of a good hard fuck at home. She described your little cock and roar of laughter came from us all. After some jokes and small penis humiliation at your expense, They couldn’t wait to show her their huge cocks. She gasps at the size of them. Still sitting between the 2 of them she starts to stroke them while they rubbed her wet cunt. I take out my phone to record and send you a video of your wife being a complete slut.

When you get video, you watch it several times.  You can’t wait for her to come home, can you? You want that creampie that the end of the night will bring. I bet you want to hear all about what happens next? Maybe you have your own naughty thoughts on how the night should end. One thing for sure, if you are looking for a kinky phone slut to share your dirty sex stories fantasy you know who to call.

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