This is how my self-defense instructor turned my boyfriend into a cuckold

About a month ago, my girlfriends and I got mugged outside of a club. No one was hurt, but the asshole got away with all of our cash, cards, and cell phones. After making the police reports, canceling the credit cards and deactivating my cell phone, my boyfriend suggested I take some self-defense classes so that I can protect myself when he isn’t around. After a week or two of prodding, I went down to the local martial arts studio and signed up for a beginners self-defense course. I never thought that taking this class would turn my boyfriend into a cuckold. 

My first day of class was awful. I could barely throw a punch, and my kicks were horrible. On the first day of class, I learned that I couldn’t fight my way out of a paper bag. To add insult to injury, I couldn’t take my eyes off of the sexy middle-aged man that was teaching the class. At 6’3 with abs of steel, broad shoulders and an ass that you could bounce a quarter off of, he made it hard for me to focus on throwing kicks and punches at imaginary muggers. I made such a bad showing on that first day, that my instructor forced me to stay after class for one on one help.

The first thing the instructor wanted to go over was my form.

He said part of the reason I was having such a hard time throwing and landing punches was bad form. The instructor walked up behind me and put his hands on my hips. He used his broad chest to straighten my back. I could feel his cock pressing against my ass. I couldn’t help myself, I pressed my ass into his cock so that I could feel him get hard against me. Before I could say anything my instructor was spinning me around, pulling my shirt and bra over my head and pinching my nipples. The instructor laid me down on the mat, his hands working their way down my shorts and sliding his fingers into my wet pussy

As I pulled off my shorts, my instructor pulled out his thick 9-inch cock. The instructor laid on top of me and began rubbing his cock against my wet snatch. I raised my hips and wrapped my legs around his waist. My pussy begging for his cock to find its way inside of me.  I arched my back and gasped as the head of his cock began to spread my pussy open. He used long, deep slow strokes that ensured that I would feel every inch of his cock. As the instructor was grinding his cock against my G-Spot, my boyfriend walked into the room.

As my boyfriend walked across the room like he was ready to fight my self-defense instructor. The instructor pulled his cock out of my pussy and said, “Sit down little man.”

Without a word, my boyfriend stopped in his track. The instructor called my boyfriend over to where I was laying on the mat. My pussy was still open and craving cock, but I was nervous about what was going to happen next. The self-defense instructor ordered my boyfriend down to his knees at my side and said, “ I want you to see how a real man fucks your woman.” My boyfriend’s eyes got wide as he watched the instructor slide back into my pussy.  

I was shocked by what I as seeing, but seeing my boyfriend being turned into a cuckold was such a turn-on. As the instructor fucked me, I could see my boyfriend’s cock getting harder in his jeans. I could tell he wanted to stroke his cock, but he wouldn’t move without the instructor’s approval

I could feel the instructor’s hard cock throbbing in my pussy.

Then I tightened my pussy around the instructor’s cock to milk every drop of cum out of him. The instructor pulled his cock out of me and I could feel his cum dripping out of my snatch and down to my ass. The instructor stood up and ordered my boyfriend to clean to the cum out of my pussy. To my surprise, my boyfriend didn’t argue. He got between my legs and ate the cream pie out of my pussy. When I signed up for self-defense class I never dreamed it would turn my boyfriend into a cream pie eating cuckold.

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