My boyfriend was eager to help make a cuckold out of my dad and his little dick!

The way my dad looked at my boyfriend and stared at his crotch every time he came over gave me no choice but to cuckold him. He was practically begging to suck my boyfriend’s dick if you ask me.

My boyfriend thought so too. We quickly hatched a plan to turn tonight’s family dinner (just the three of us) into a cuckold sextravaganza. I brought the wine, my boyfriend brought his nice fat big cock . . . i.e., my dad’s “dessert.”

I would just finished pouring my dad his third glass of wine when I leaned down to whisper in his ear: “You know the way you’re staring at the bulge in his pants is pretty obvious, Dad. Are you jealous?”

My boyfriend stood up, dangling his giant bulge right at eye level with my dad. I saw my dad’s hands move towards his tiny dick.

“Oh no. That’s not what needs attention right now, Dad,” I sneered, watching my boyfriend unfasten his belt buckle and drop his pants. His dick bulge must have filled my dad’s entire field of vision then.

“Go ahead, Dad. We know you’re curious. You definitely won’t have as much fun playing with your little clitty!” I laughed, watching my dad slide down my boyfriend’s boxers and hungrily slide his massive, erect cock into his open mouth. His eyes closed in ecstatic bliss.

“Don’t forget his balls, Dad. They need attention, too.” My dad murmured in agreement, squeezing them and feeling their fullness before smacking his lips, sucking on them loudly.

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