“You love that fucking big thick dick, don’t you baby? Your man doesn’t have a cock this thick and long.” Jamie said.

“Cuckold bitch! Look at your woman! She fucking loves it. See my cock? All slick with pussy juice. Bet ya never made her stay wet like this before!” James taunted my boyfriend Jon. Jon sat on the edge of the bed and jerked off furiously.

He looked at me taking every inch of James’ 11-inch cock. His cock was insanely big and I felt stretched to the max. I do have to admit James knew how to fuck far better and his cock outperformed Jon’s.

My pussy couldn’t even clench the thickness that drove in and out of me. Loud moans from me filled the large room up. I felt my second orgasm slam into me.

My body shook hard. I reached out to hold Jons’ hand. These orgasms were far more intense than what I was accustomed to.

James rammed his cock deep and hard at home. Cum filled my pussy up and dripped out of my gaping pussy hole.  My boyfriend came as he saw the cum oozing out. He was officially my cuckold boyfriend.

James wasn’t done, though. He took Jon roughly by the back of the head and forced him between my legs. I felt bad for Jon at first. He tried to pull away. The fantasy was to see me fucked, not eat this man’s cum out of me.

He surprised me though as gave in after only a moment of fighting. “Eat my cum out of your girlfriend’s pussy you cuckold bitch! You want to clean her sweet pussy up and make her ready for me again.” James laughed.

As good as the sex was I needed a break and said so. “Oh, you need a break Jordan? That’s alright, I have Jon here to take care of me then.”

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