Making my brother-in-law into the cuckold bitch he was destined to becum.

Is a cuckold born or made? The answer to THAT eternal question is “born,” if you ask me!

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“I’m Vince. Thanks for having me over,” my handsome young black friend told Kyle as he shook his pale, wimpy hand. I could practically feel Kyle’s tiny dick spring out as Vince’s grip tightened around his own pathetic excuse for a handshake.

My sister was making sure to get her husband nice and drunk for his big black cocksucking debut. He wasn’t so sloshed during dinner that Vince’s reveal he had a higher paying, more prestigious job than he did was lost on him, however.

As my sister uncorked the fourth bottle of wine, I knew it was almost time for all my hours spent having humiliation phone sex to come in handy.

I tapped a fork against my wine glass with my usual melodramatic panache. “May I propose a toast?”

Everyone raised their glasses. Vince looked calm and in control. Kyle was looking more flustered and jittery than I’d ever seen him before.

“To my wonderful sister and all her dreams coming true, to her husband and their relationship always growing and changing to make them both better together than they could be on their own!”

My sister and I watched as Kyle gulped down his drink. Did he interpret my cryptic cheers-ing? Oh well, no matter. It was time for the show to begin anyway! I winked at my sister, signaling her to go to the bedroom and change into her sexy lingerie.

“Actually, Vince and I had a little something prepared to give you two. Kyle. A little couple’s gift. It’s in the bedroom. Shall we? Actually, Vince, you go first and help Jess set everything up.”


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