And you thought cucking was only for men!!

Cucking a man is hot but have you ever tried turning a woman into a cuck queen? One of my fuck buddies had mentioned how his wife wouldn’t do certain things. Like suck his cock, let him cum on her face or tits, role play, or do anything really besides just having sex. It’s not like she wouldn’t put out but she was boring as fuck! All she talked about was how she wanted a baby and how they had to have sex at certain times and blah blah blah. Well, I’m the one that he would fuck to keep things interesting.

I was at his house fucking him in his bed when I heard the door open. He was so into it that he hadn’t heard a thing. I figured it was his wife but that wasn’t going to stop me. The bitch was boring as fuck so maybe a good cucking would teach her a thing or two. She walked into the room and started to freak out. Her eyes grew glossy and I knew she was about to lose it. I turned toward her and ordered her to sit her boring ass down into the chair next to the bed.

Her husband’s cock never even went soft in the commotion so I knew he liked what I was doing.

As his wife sat down in the chair I told her to watch how a real woman fucks a man. I continued riding her husband right in front of her, telling her that if she wasn’t such a boring bitch that he wouldn’t need me to keep him interested. I started to grind my hips with is cock buried deep in my pussy as the cucking of his wife began.

The longer she watched me sliding up and down on her husband’s dick the more I noticed slight changes in her. I told her that I fucked him better than she ever could even if she did practice or take some hints from watching me. I did add in that he didn’t want to leave her just for good measure because well, women can jump to conclusions. HAHA, I looked down at him and told him to tell her how he feels. He looked over at his wife as I increased the intensity of my fucking. Between moans of pleasure, he told her that he loved her but I fucked him way better than she ever had or could.

I told her that if she had stopped making sex all about procreation then maybe I wouldn’t be cucking her right now.

I pulled my pussy slowly off his cock so she could see the way his cock looked coming out of me covered in my pussy juice. So I got on my hands and knees with my ass pointed toward her but angled just enough that when he came up behind me and pounded into me just like he knew I loved, she could see every stroke in and out of my juicy cunt.

I looked into the mirror across the room and could see her face go from upset to pained and then to…wait..was that a look of pleasure? Oh hell yes!!! Cucking his wife was definitely turning her on but it made me wonder…just how far would I be able to push her? I can’t wait to tell you what happened next!! Stay tuned my naughty readers! But if you can’t wait maybe I’ll be nice and give you a few hints when you call to play with me!

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