Cucked By My Wife


In our bedroom, I sat in the corner, watching my wife in a slinky black dress that hugged her curves in all the right places as she walked into the bedroom. The stranger she was with wasted no time, pressing her against the wall with a hunger that sent shivers down my spine. His hands took in the contours of her body, which I was very familiar with, but now he had her.

I couldn’t tear my eyes away as she arched against him, her leg hitching up to wrap around his waist, leaving nothing to the imagination beneath the hem of her dress. I was so fucking horny as I watched them, knowing she was mine but seeing her submit to his touch. Here I am being cucked by my wife, and I fucking love it.

Properly Pleasured

Watching her with him stirred a feeling inside me that made me crave her more. I knew she was getting proper pleasure with a huge cock that she deserved. The way he had taken her as I was watching in the corner made my humiliatingly small penis twitch because I knew I could never satisfy her like that.

With a swift movement, they toppled onto the bed, the sheets rumpling beneath their entwined bodies. His hands roamed greedily over her curves, moans of pleasure from her lips. She was a vision of desire, her dress riding up to reveal her perfectly wet pussy.

He took all the barriers away, and I felt a surge of possessiveness grip me as I was cucked by my wife. The intoxicating scene playing out before my eyes was hypnotizing. Of course, I could tell she was enjoying every deep thrust.

No Choice But To Watch

I watched with heavy breath as she surrendered herself to him completely, her fingers trailing down his chest as he undid his pants with a hunger that matched my own. Sometimes she would look over at me with a smile of satisfaction as I stroked my small cock.

Her cries filled the room as he fucked her, each thrust pushing her closer to the edge of climax. She was a goddess of pleasure with her moans of begging him to plunge deeper into her wet pussy.

As he had her cum over and over with his huge cock, I watched with a mixture of arousal and envy, knowing that I could never possess her the way he did in that moment. He knew I was being cucked by my wife, which only made him hungrier for her pussy.

Eating Her Cum Filled Pussy

I could see the pleasure mounting with every thrust. I tried to hold back, for I knew he was going to cum deep inside my wife’s pussy. The thought of him filling her up with his cream pie had me on the edge. They kissed deeply, and with one final thrust, he emptied his hot load deep inside her.

My sexy wife lay on the bed with her legs spread open. I could see the white creamy cum dripping out of her like a waterfall and down to that perfect butthole. I was being cucked by my wife, and I knew my place. All I wanted to do was go down there and lick and suck all his cum out of her wet cum filled pussy.

I slid my tongue up and down her perfect pussy and ate all of his cream. She brought me into her, and I slid my pulsating cock deep into her worn-out pussy. I could notice a difference in how it felt on my cock. Clearly, he was much bigger than me, and I could tell by how her pussy gripped my cock. The extra lube from his cum had me bust a huge load deep inside my wife’s pussy.


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