High School Sex Stories and Sissy Stories Combine!

High school sex stories from my past bring back some awesome memories.  I had a lot of friends.  Sorry, a lot of ‘friends’.  I was acing most of my classes.  You know, the ones with male teachers.  Eventually I’d get a few of the hot lady teachers to see things my way, too.  Everything was going so well for me that even Jay noticed how good I was doing.  Jay’s a little twink that transferred to the school a few weeks ago.  I knew by the way he sashayed his hips that I wasn’t his ‘type’ but I wondered if he himself knew.

At lunch, he’d been complaining that he was failing chemistry.  He also said he’d have to skip going out after school because he was broke.  I was flattered when he asked me to tutor him since I seem to always get A’s on my tests.  I grinned and said I’d be delighted.  I’m sure he thought it was odd that I told him to meet me out at the football field under the bleachers after school but I promised him that there was a method to my madness.

Jay Met Me Behind The Bleachers…And The Black Quarterback, Jermain

He was surprised at first, thinking this would be one on.  I assured him that Jermain was here to help him study.  He’s how I got my A in chem, after all.  Then I told him to get on his knees.  Jay understandably was shocked, but I explained that this would kill two birds with one stone.

“You want an A in Chemistry, right?”

Jay nodded.

“And you also need some cash, right?”

He nodded again, this time a little slower.

“Well, Mr. Henderson likes his blowjobs hard, deep, and faster.  An amateur like you couldn’t handle his cock.  But Jermain is here to help you practice.”

“But I’m not…”

“Look, you can either read this entire textbook cover to cover and pray you understand what it says in time for midterms OR you can suck Mr.Henderson’s cock once or twice, earn a few bucks, and never have to worry about passing again.”

Jay Lowered Himself on His Knees in Front of Jermain

Jermain had a huge bulge and had just finished practice, too.  His cock was thick and it smelled strong, too.

“If you can handle his massive cock and cum filled nuts, you’ll never have to worry about grades again.  What’s it going to be, Jay?”

How do Crystal’s high school sex stories end with you in the lead?  Let’s go back in time and have some sissy teen phone sex fun!

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