Crushing His Balls

Guys love it when a woman uses a soft, gentle hand to play with their balls.  The light squeezing and rubbing of expert fingers. Their breathing gets heavier when it gets a bit rougher. Then things go on at that pace and he cums. What about the guys who love pain and want nothing more than to get their balls worked over until they’re crying? Where are those guys and why are they so hard to find? I put up an ad online looking for a pain slut and I got a ton of replies.

I went through them and 99% of them disappeared when they realized I was serious. One brave guy said he loved ball busting and used to go to a dominatrix who would punch, slap, kick and step on his balls. He had a high pain tolerance and would be honored to have a girl like me do my worst on him. He was exactly what I was looking for.

     I went over to his place and immediately took charge. I told him to get undressed and he quietly did so. Noticed his hands shook with excitement as he undid the buttons on his shirt. I love it when just the thought of spending time with me is enough to get a man worked up. When he was undressed I went and stood in front of him. I reached down, making sure to avoid his rock hard dick, and cupped his balls. I gently bounced them and asked if he was sure because once I got started I wouldn’t stop until he was beyond his breaking point.

He said he was sure so I began to squeeze his balls in my hand.

I slowly increased the pressure and he started biting his lip. The first pangs of pain. I could feel my nails digging into him and stopped moving, keeping him at that amount of pressure. I slowly let him go before repeating my actions. Then I stopped and let him go. I took a step back and knelt so I could get a look at my work. His balls were red and had little crescent marks in them from my nails, they would probably be bruises later. I stood up and told him to get down on his knees. He did and I kicked his legs apart; I wanted easy access to his balls.
I put my foot under his balls and lightly kicked them. He gasped. I bounced his balls on my foot harder and he made the cutest groan ever; it was a perfect mix between pleasure and pain. I liked it but wanted to take things farther so I stopped and told him to lie on his back. He did and I put my foot over his balls. I let it rest there as I looked down on him. He was breathing hard and his dick was leaking a ton of pre-cum. His eyes were closed and I knew the anticipation was building in him. I started to press my foot down on him and his dick twitched. I bet he was dying to touch himself.

Then I pushed down harder and I could feel his balls flattening under my foot.

He let out a grunt of pain and I eased up. I waited a few seconds then pushed down again. This time I didn’t do it slowly so he could get used to it, instead, I went from 0 to 100 in a second. He cried out in pain as I kept my foot down longer than before. When I did take my foot up I gave him a kick then pushed down again. His eyes started to water and he began to pant as my foot was breaking his balls. I kept my pressing and kicking pattern up for a few minutes then stopped. He didn’t look like he could take much more.
     As soon as I moved my foot away he let out a cry of relief and grabbed his balls with his hand. He cradled them and tried to catch his breath. He then looked up at me and said: “Thank you.”

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