Ever had a fantasy you were a girl? I can make all your cross-dressing fantasies come true…

It is one of your few days off. You wake up earlier than normal and find your whole body tingling. When you get into the shower, the water feels good, and you linger as you soap your breasts and nether regions. You linger, but decide to not finish and keep the edge on instead of relieving yourself. You get dressed and put on light make up- treading a line between casual and sexy. Settling on a summer dress that is colorful and reveals your cleavage, but doesn’t give anything away. As a final naughty thought, you leave off your panties. The dress isn’t short enough to show, but it makes you feel sexier, knowing you’re naked underneath.

You finish getting dressed in some sexy high-heeled pumps and set out to your rendezvous. This may just be the first meeting, but you have never done anything like this and the excitement and nerves are making you a little giddy. When you get there and text me, I meet you in your car. At first impression, all is good- I look just like my pics, and my smile tells you I like what I see. We share a quick embrace and a kiss on the cheek.

We walk into the bar like a couple of kids, chatting and holding hands. You catch me sneaking peeks at your cleavage, and instead of being offended, make efforts to show more. We share lunch and a couple of cocktails. We discuss everything from our pasts to our deepest fantasies and what brought us here. I run my fingers through your hair and rub your shoulders as we relax after eating.

I ask what you want to do, and you say it’s up to me. Then I get an evil grin, and you ask what I’m thinking. I ask how adventurous you’re feeling, and you say “I’m here aren’t I?” That’s all the encouragement I need. I pay our tab and you get into my car. With the top down, your hair flies in the breeze. We don’t go far before I start looking for parking by the beach. You tell me you didn’t bring a suit and I say “Perfect.”

I grab a beach bag from my trunk, but we walk back to the street instead of to the beach. You look up and notice the sign “Rooftop Resort”. We go into the small lobby, and you hesitate for a moment. You have heard of this place, but never dared come before. I whisper in your ear that there is no pressure, and you don’t have to do anything you’re not comfortable with. You nod your head, and I get us a day room. We go up in the elevator to the 2nd floor.

You look around- trying to take it all in. On the left, there are 2 rooms without doors or curtains. One room has a couple of love swings and fencing and is darkly lit. The other has a giant heart-shaped bed with chairs around the perimeter. A naked guy comes casually walking by and waves hello as he gets in the elevator going up. I open our room door and we go in.

You explain that you’re nervous, and I close the blinds. I take out a small container of massage oil and ask if a massage would calm me. You laugh nervously but say yes. I come over to you and hug you tightly. I can feel your heart beating fast, our breasts press together and we look into each other’s eyes. Our mouths slowly meet. At first, it is just a light kiss but becomes more urgent. My hands explore your back and rear end and feel nothing under the dress. I wrap one of my toned legs around you and I know you can feel my erection pressing through my short denim skirt into you.

We kiss for what feels like hours. I grab you by your hair and kiss your neck and shoulders. You press into me and I feel your heat. I step behind you and cup your breasts while kissing you, and you melt. My hands go to the shoulder straps of your dress and slide them down till your dress falls away. We look in the mirror, 2 sexy sluts enjoying each other, our make-up smeared. My hands roam your body while I nibble your neck and you push your ass back against my erection.

You turn around and say it’s not fair- and start to lift off my tight white top. I help by undoing my zip, and my skirt slides off. My cock is tenting my white lace panties and you can see the outline. You reach back and take off your bra, letting your breasts out. I cup them immediately and bend my head down to taste your nipples. You moan in delight, and I tell you to lie down on your stomach.

You get on the bed and lie down. I pour the oil on your back and neck. You squirm at first, but my hands work the oil into your neck and shoulders. As I move down to your shoulder blades, I can feel you relaxing. I trace your spine down to your ass. I apply more oil and use both hands on each cheek. Also, I sneak a finger down the crack, to your sphincter, and into your tight asspussy. You respond by arching your back, and my fingers begin to tease your boi-pussy by going in and out but not deep.

I then go back to your leg, pour some oil on the back of your thigh, and work from your groin down to your toes. You giggle as I massage your foot, and I then go to your other foot. I carefully work my way back up and again slowly work my fingers around your balls, gooch, and hole. Before I make you cum, I ask you to flip over.

You do, and the first thing I do is kiss you again. Your lips are so sweet, and my oiled hands play with your tits. When we break our kiss, I look you in the eyes as I drip oil between your tits and work it from the outer edges up and to your nipples. You have your eyes closed and I can sense your excitement. I rub down to your belly and stop at your pelvis. Again I kiss you as my fingers dip into you. You kiss me faster and harder, and I slide them in and out faster. When I find your prostate, I break the kiss and move my mouth down your body.

I kiss and nibble each nipple, and then keep going. I get on the bed and hold my mouth over the end of your cock.

My fingers slide in you again, and I start attacking your helmet with my tongue. You try to be quiet, but I look up and remind you if you can be loud anywhere, this is the place. You smile and push my head back to your cock. My fingers curl back to find your g-spot, as I lick your dick fast. You arch your back. I speed up and soon I feel you tense up and explode. I keep my fingers inside you riding the pulses of your orgasm until you stop convulsing. So I suck every drop out of your dick as your hot cum spurts out, then I give one final lick- just to make you jump, and come up next to you on the pillow.

You rest your head on my boobs, and we both catch our breath. You kiss me gently and taste yourself on my lips. Your body is still slick, and I run my fingers through your hair. Your hands cover my chest, and stomach. I feel you getting closer, but you tease by getting close to my hard cock, but never touching it. Finally, you circle my balls and work your way up to the head. I groan in pleasure as you slowly stroke me. You slowly snake down my body, lick and bite my nipples and full tits, and kiss down to my cock.

When you get there, you pull my panties to the side and kiss around the base, then lick it up and down. Your hands still play with my balls, and you suck me fully into your mouth. I grab your hair and hold on as you go up and down. You stop from time to time to lick my balls and shaft but go back to hard sucking. Your hand now helps- stroking and sucking me. I tell you I can’t hold on and you take me deeper in your mouth. My hands get tight around your hair, I arch my back and scream out I’m cumming. You swallow every drop as I explode into your mouth. You stay sucking until I beg you to stop. As a get back, you run your tongue around my soft head before coming back up.

We cuddle back together, and I ask if you would like to take a swim. You remind me you have no suit, and I smile back and say “Exactly”. You playfully hit me but say why not. I take out sun tan lotion and spray you down and let you spray me down- don’t want to burn in spots that don’t get sun normally. I open the curtains, let the light in, grab a couple of towels, and we head up to the rooftop pool…2 Sexy as fuck, and very satisfied cross-dressing beauties.

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