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The subway was always crowded at this time of day. Bodies pressed against each other, swaying with the movement of the train. Feeling them press against me made me want crowded subway sex even more. I stood amidst the sea of people, feeling lost in the chaos yet strangely comforted by my sex fantasy. As the train lurched forward, I felt a pair of eyes on me. I turned my head slightly to see a man standing a few feet away, his gaze fixed on me. His eyes were a deep shade of brown, and he was extremely attractive. I quickly looked away, feeling a blush creep up my cheeks.

But I couldn’t shake the feeling of his gaze on me. Every time I stole a glance in his direction, our eyes met, and a jolt of electricity passed between us. It was as if we both wanted each other. We both wanted to fuck each other right then and there. As the train rattled on, I found myself inching closer to him, drawn by an irresistible force. Our bodies were so close now that I could feel the heat radiating off his skin. I stole a sideways glance at him and saw a small smile playing on his lips, as if he knew how fucking horny and wet he had made me.

I tried to focus on anything else, to distract myself from the overwhelming sexual tension I felt towards this stranger. But it was no use. My thoughts were consumed by him, by the way his eyes seemed to scan my body. Every inch of it as if he knew exactly what I looked like under my work dress. Finally he was standing right behind me. I could feel him breath on me.

Crowded Subway Sex Fantasy Comes True

Finally, I felt his hands run up my dress and in between my legs. No one was paying attention anyways. Every single person in that crowded subway sex scene was preoccupied with their phones. My skirt was hiked up and my panties were now on the floor. The stranger stood behind me, and slipped his cock in me. Nice and slow. While the subway kept swaying, we used the rhythm in our favor. As there was a break, he would thrust deep in me. I came on his cock almost immediately.

The stranger took his time with my pussy though. Station by station we kept going until finally he whispered in my ear he was ready to cum inside me. I took his big thick creamy load deep in my MILF pussy. Then, it was over. Without a word, he led me off the train and onto the platform. We stood there for a moment, just the two of us, lost in our own little world amidst the chaos of the subway station. And then, as a mutual agreement. We started walking towards my place. I was ready for round two, this time, I was going to make sure he fucked me hard.

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