One time, a friend and I were bored and thought it would be fun to go and try our hand at stealing some makeup at a local drugstore. We were young and were just looking for something to do and thought it would be fun. We had done it before and never got caught so we figured we’d be fine. But this time we were wrong…
When we got to the store, we noticed a few workers but noticed one in particular. He was new and was actually very cute. His tag said he was the manager and so we made sure to stay away from him on our shoplifting spree. He was at the other end of the store, but he noticed us walk in and we locked eyes for a minute and the scurried out to the makeup aisle. As we were choosing what we were going to put in your bags, we made sure no one was around and then took our products of choice. We then started to walk out of the store and that’s when the cute manger stopped us right in our tracks before we walked out the door.

We were shitting bricks and scared that we’d get arrested for shoplifting some lipsticks and were escorted to the back of the store to an employee area and then to a room with surveillance videos. He showed us footage that showcased stealing product and told us that he was going to call the cops. We pleaded and begged for him to let us go, but he was not having it.
Just as he was picking up the phone to call the cops, I had to do something and grabbed his hand and told him we’d do anything for him to let us go with a warning. When I said that, I saw something in his eye and knew I would be able to get away with this. As he put down the phone, he told us that he thought we were cute and said he wouldn’t mind his dick sucked. My friend was a total prude and I knew she would never be up for it. As he said it, here eyes grew big and I knew she was terrified.
So I took one for the team and made a deal that if he’d let us go, I’d give him a blow job. My friend didn’t want to stick around so I told her I’d meet her back at her place later and then she left and he locked the door behind her. He then took of his belt and lowered his pants and sat down on the chair, waving his dick around telling me to suck it.
I knelt in front of him and began to grab his dick with my hands and let it grow a bit before I placed it in my mouth. I really didn’t mind doing it since he was pretty hot, and I have to admit that I enjoyed it. And I let him know it, too, by moaning and really taking my time to suck him hard and good. I could tell he liked it too because he was moaning in pleasure. I knew I wanted more so just as he was about to blow I stopped.
He looked at me like WTF and I told him I was going to go above and beyond what was required of me because I was horny and took off my shorts and shirt and stood in front of him in my bra and undies. I then told him I wanted to fuck and his eyes grew big in shock. He said we didn’t have to and that he was good with just the blow job, but as I took off my bra and panties, he dick grew hard again.
I then got on top of him and straddled his dick and gyrated my hips up and down while it told him to grab my ass and slap it hard. He obeyed and started to lick and kiss my boobs and I fucked him harder and harder. Again, right before he was going to come I got off of him and told him he was now going to do me doggy style as I bent over his desk. He rammed me hard and I moaned with pleasure. While he was fucking me he placed his hand around my hip and went straight for my clit and started to play with it. I finally came and he followed not too long after.
When we were done, he said I could have any makeup I wanted in the store whenever I wanted, just as long as rewarded him in the surveillance room again.

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