I went over to my Aunt and Uncle’s house this afternoon to help prepare for the Thanksgiving fun tomorrow. I always love seeing family and spending time with them but there’s something off with my Uncle. He’s always been a creeper.

While I was preparing the pumpkin pie tonight he cornered me in the kitchen. Everyone else had gone to pick up the pizza, leaving him and I alone. He pushed me against the counter and shoved his face into my hair. I could hear him taking deep breaths while I was trying to get away with him. Unfortunately though he’s much stronger than I am. I felt his cock twitching in his pants.

He turned me around and grabbed my upper arm, and then clamped his other hand across my mouth. He started to push me down the hall towards his bedroom. Resisting him and trying to get away just wasn’t happening tonight.
Once he got me into the room I saw what looked to be a spreader bar with 4 locks across it. Uncle placed my ankles in the locks furthest apart, and then bent me over, locking my wrists in the two middle ones. I then pulled some duct tape out of the side table and smacked a piece across my mouth. I was completely humiliated. He had it tied up and so exposed. Thankfully I was still dressed.

That’s when Uncle walked over with a pair of scissors and cut my pants off. I started bucking and trying to move away from him. I was praying the rest of my family would get home quickly. As soon as he had my pants off I could feel him pushing inside of me. I screamed, on the verge of crying, but knew I couldn’t give into my creepy Uncle that way.

He fucked me hard and fast, not lasting long at all. After he finished he pulled a new pair of pants out for me and told me to get dressed. He unlocked me and then left. Little did he know, I was already planning my revenge for after Thanksgiving dinner. I was going to make his fucking ass mine! Next time my Uncle may reconsider raping me the way he did.



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