Sweet Adriana’s Creepy Sex Dream Right Before Halloween

A creepy sex dream is the last thing I expected to have. Don’t get me wrong, I sometimes have wet dreams but I’ve never had one quite like this. It started last night when a friend of mine decided to watch a few horror movies. We didn’t have to look too hard as they are all over tv at the moment. We ended up watching SINISTER and another one I can’t remember. After they we all over my friend left and I went to sleep.

I didn’t take long to fall asleep. I really don’t remember dreaming about anything else until when I felt it. I felt something sleeping by the edge of my bed, but I couldn’t wake up. I couldn’t see it either, I just felt it. When I came to it I was sleeping on my stomach and I could feel what it felt like a hand running up my thigh. That hand started playing with my pussy. It felt different though. I couldn’t feel a hand between my legs. I only felt fingers inside me.

Even though it freaked me out after awhile I could feel myself getting soaking wet. I want it more and I think whatever was on my bed did too. I felt weight on me and then the most pleasure I’ve ever felt. It literally made me cum in seconds and the pleasure was just insane. Then it disappeared and I felt back asleep.

When I woke up this morning I felt like if I had sex. I felt like I came because my pussy was still nice and creamy but it was a sex dream. I mean, it was a creepy sex dream and I kind of want it to happen again. Even if it freaks me out.

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