Chocolate Syrup, My Wet Warm Tongue, And His Creamy Surprise!

Hmmm, I love chocolate syrup and a yummy creamy surprise. That’s exactly what I got when I was playing with my secret lover. While I was at work, he decided to take a few pics of his cock all covered in chocolate. Suffice to say my pussy instantly began to ache and leak, as he was teasing me. With picture after picture, he was building me up for one hell of a creamy surprise. The day couldn’t go by fast enough, as I eagerly waited for my moment to pounce.

I was so horny and waiting with such anticipation that I had to take off my panties while working. I was so worked up that I completely soaked them and the wetness was annoying my little pussy. So, off they came! I was counting down the minutes, waiting for that moment I could sign out, head to his place and take what was rightfully mine! It was about to be time for me to enjoy some chocolate covered cock and his yummy creamy center. All while he got to enjoy my eager mouth and sly tongue.

So there I was, patiently waiting for that clock to hit 2:30 PM Est and FINALLY the clock hit its mark!

Off I was like a bat out of fucking hell and right to my secret lover’s house I went. The moment I swung open his bedroom door, where he was, all kinds of naked and ready to go. Without skipping a beat, I plunged my mouth deep into that chocolatey cock. I was licking and sucking, like an emaciated chocolate and cock-a-holic. With every lap of my wet, warm tongue I could the taste that sweet chocolate and even sweeter pre-cum. It was music to my deliciously naughty tongue. My taste buds were in overdrive, as I continued to suck.

Holy shit, at that point I just had to stand up and I just ripped my clothes off. I then took my huge, heavy tits and wrapped his cock up in them. After jerking him off with my tits for a few mins, I straddled his stomach and pushed my chocolatey tits in his face. I wanted him to feel the warmth of my pussy on his stomach and to taste himself off my tits. He loves chocolate too, so that was most definitely a bonus. Once I was satisfied with how clean he got my tits, I bent down and gave him a nice deep, passionate kiss. Hmmm, he tasted so fucking good. Just thinking about it right now while writing this, is driving me crazy.

Inch by glorious inch, I made my way down to his neck with my lips.

I gently kissed his neck, then made my way back down to his stomach. I finally ended up back where I started. Looking up at him, deep into his eyes, I said, “I am going to suck you until you give me the creamy surprise I’ve been craving all day long!” He nodded, closed his eyes and totally relaxed for me. I began devouring that cock and cleaning up any traces of chocolate. I could feel his hips jerks and his thighs shake. The sounds of his moans and heavy breathing sent me through the roof.

Just then, in a burst of lustful energy, he reached down and grabbed the back of my head. That’s when he took a deep breath and….well I am sure you can GUESS what happened next. But, that’s not the same as me telling you in great detail. Not only do I want you to hear precisely how he gave me that creamy surprise, but I am eager to tell you what happened after that too! For a deliciously naughty phone sex session.

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