Call Me, Make Me Cum, Buy My Creamy Panties & Call Me Again

I know you love creamy panties and I want you to have my creamy panties. This is how it’s gonna go down! I want you to call me. I then want you to tell me what kind of panties drive you absolutely crazy. Next, I will go get said panties, put them on and proceed to have mind-blowing, ball busting phone sex with you. I want you to make me cum so fucking hard that my cream just starts to leak out all over the crotch of my panties.

Immediately following our naughty conversation, I want you to order the panties I’ve just cum in. Well, that and I want you to tell me any special requests you might have for me with regards to them. I would be MORE than happy, MORE than willing to satisfy any special request you have for them. Finally, once you get them in the mail, I’d like for you to call me. Now, pay attention because this is where it gets deliciously naughty.

Now that you have my creamy panties in your possession, I want you to either put them on and take a picture and, or put them in your mouth and take a picture. Either way, I want to see you enjoy those creamy panties and I want us to experience your fetish together. Maybe you want to take our little creamy panties fetish to another level and you want me to watch you on Skype with them.

That’s absolutely fine with me, I LOVE to watch. It’s one of my most favorite things.

Speaking of watching, I can only imagine how utterly amazing it would be to watch you stoke it through my creamy panties. I can only imagine how good it would be to watch you cream in them yourself. I’d love to taste your cream and my cream together. I bet that would be so delicious. If you tasted it for me, I’d probably cream in my panties again, right then and there. What we can do with those creamy panties, is endless really. I can’t think of anything we couldn’t do with, to and, or in them. I know you’ll be more than satisfied.

So, that’s it! I don’t want to just have a fantasy with you, where we talk about how much you love creamy panties. No, no, no! I want to LIVE the fantasy of you loving my creamy panties. Let’s turn our little fetish into reality. You know, I want my creamy panties to be something you can hold, touch, smell, taste or whatever you want. Let’s turn our naughty little fantasy, into a sexy reality. As always, there are no limits, no rules with how we play. The only that will hold us back, is your imagination. I think it’s time to open yourself up to the possibilities.

Hot Phone Sex!