This time of year really makes me want to escape some place warm. Around this time last year i took a road-trip to see a good friend of mine who lives out in the country to escape the dreadful cold. Jimmy is your typical country boy, he loves his trucks and beer. With that blonde hair, freckles, accent, big guns and an even bigger cock. I cant help but be his gardening hoe. He has always given me the hottest most creamy orgasm. When i first got there Jimmy with his charm insisted on taking me on a ride in his new truck through the corn field. Of course I couldn’t say no.

After about a mile into the corn field Jimmy stopped the truck and parked it. He looked at me and without saying anything I knew what he was thinking. That is just the kind of relationship we had. Quickly I jumped on his lap and we started kissing, I could feel his big cock getting hard and throbbing through his jeans and against my now creamy pussy, which was now making my shorts wet. He carried me out of the car and we ended up in the back of the pick up. At this time we ended up completely nude. He pinned me down and shoved his cock in my face and face fuck me. There is nothing I love more than being gagged with a cock and rubbing it on my titties.

It was his turn to go down on me but i couldn’t get enough of that cock so of course we ended up in the 69 position. His mouth brought my pussy to heaven.While he was eating me out I couldn’t help but feel him rubbing something bumpy over my pussy. then..shoved in. Where did he have this dildo? It was so big it could barely fit into my tight young pussy. My moans, the harder and louder they were the harder they vibrated on his cock and balls and ended up making Jimmy bust his load all in my mouth and on my face. Just as he did I felt a gush run out of my cunt all over his face and into his mouth. It was so fucking hot. I’m getting horny just thinking about it.

After he blew his seed on his pretty little garden. I looked down to see him pulling out  a fucking ear of corn. I would have never of thought of something like that making me cum. But leave it to one hot country boy to find hot ways to fuck. He didn’t waste a drop of my pussy juice. That boy was starving and I fed him

Wow, telling you all this story makes me really think I should go on road trips more often.

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