A CREAMPUFF can be MUCH MORE than a cuckolded husband.  Haven’t you heard the tale of the cucked wife that went viral?  Oh, Baby… settle back and listen to this little tale of a dear friend whose husband eXXXacted a most delicious and uneXXXpected revenge. Giggle.  This thing started out with a VERY CONTROLLING WIFE and a most submissive HUSBAND… who turned things around on HER! A role I’d LOVE to PLAY… Note I said “PLAY”. Hahaha. I am that chick that can NEVER really be controlled.  Not really.  But, this chick…?  Oh.  She needs an AWARD for being the most cucked WIFE ever… AFTER the flip, that is! In fact… she’s the CUCKQUEAN-QUEEN… now! Hahaha Let me refresh your memory!

So, it all starts with her cumming home to catch her normally docile hubbie, balls deep in one of her sworn Frenemies!  To hear her tell it, the sight of it was a one-two punch combo of a brute ripping her heart from her body… mid-beat, and a simultaneous slap in the face, with a side order of a high voltage electric shock to her entire psyche!  Ummm…  yeah.  No thanks on that! I’ll PASS! Hee hee.  But, hey!  It’s HER thing now and I totally, ummm, respect (?) that. Haha.

When her husband finally caught on to the fact that she was standing behind him as he licked that girl’s pussy and ass… as he humped her to within inches of her life…  A sad story.  But, she womaned up (I guess…) and found her own pussy beginning to drip, then her hands went forth and the next thing she knew… she was digging two fingers of each hand in this frenemie’s pussy to facilitate her husband’s cock. Yup! A CREAMPUFF was born! She HELD THE GIRL’S PUSSY OPEN while she watched his huge dick slam over and again… She felt his penis slide along the back sides of her fingers and into the girl’s pussy.  And wifey came like crazy standing there.  I’m talking about trembling, cum dripping down her thighs orgasm.  And all the while, her fingers remained in that bitch.  Um.  No way for me.  But, whatever turns your key, right?!?

So, Little Miss Creampuff has taken to “gifting” hubbie with girls SHE picks up at random places.  He walks into their home after a long day treating patients, to find his wife muff-diving some strange woman!  He’s loving life these days.  The girls get younger and younger and I can safely say… this guy hasn’t had 20-something pussy in DECADES! Hahaha.  I’m thinking of guest starring my friend on some of my calls just so you guys out there get to hear what having a cucked wife will do for YOU!

You Never Know What You’ll Do…


Turn Me Out!