A creampie at the office party

I went to my friend’s office party the other night I think I made a great impression when I ended up getting a creampie in my ass from his boss!

Before the party, my friend kept whining about he still hadn’t gotten his boss a gift. He was broke and works for a big fancy investment firm. Everyone was trying to outdo each other with gifts for the boss. We kept chatting away about what his boss would want. He is a guy in his 50’s. Just recently divorced. My friend told me he was still depressed over the breakup.

I was wearing a sexy clingy, black hot cocktail dress with red trim, red-tinted nylons, and some hot black pumps. Looked good and I wanted to make a good impression at my friend’s office. I felt bad for my buddy. He was really stressing about the gift. I told him I might have a solution.

“Jim, why don’t I be your gift to your boss?” I suggested.

“Jesus, are you serious?” Jim looked shocked.  I glanced inside the room as we got off the elevator. Dang, there were a lot of drunk guys in suits in there.

“I think so…” I kind of hesitated for a minute. “When you say you will be a gift, what exactly do you mean? ” Jim asked me.

“Well, I could give him a hand job, maybe a blowjob if I like him..” I replied. “which one is he?” Jim pointed him out. He was a sad little man with thick glasses and a balding head. “Awe, I said, “he is cute!”

Jim laughed and took me over to him. “Mr. Ellis, I have a special gift for you. This is my friend. She is yours for a while.”

Mr. Ellis’s eyes lit up, as he looked me up and down. “You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen! Thank you, James!”

I took his hand and led him into a dark office. “I am yours for 30 minutes, Mr. Ellis. Whatever you want to do to me.”

He looked at me blushing. “what I really would love… he slowly started to say, “would be to cum in your asshole.”

I was surprised that he was going that far. Man, I wanted to make this poor dude happy, and of course, give Jim some points with his boss. Did he really just ask to drop a creampie in my asshole?

“Ok, I said.” You can fuck me in the ass and cum inside me.

I helped him pull his slacks down, got on my knees and sucked his cock till it grew big. “Don’t cum yet!” I said to him as he released a little precum. I stuck out my tongue and showed him the drops. I looked him in the eyes and swallowed then whispered: “save all of that creampie for my asshole.”

“Oh God, I need to cum now!” I bent over the desk and pulled down my panties. I spread my ass cheeks. “Fuck me, Baby, fuck me now!” He squeezed his hard dick into my tight hole. He pumped it in twice before he started to moan. I felt the cum inside my asshole, and as he pulled his cock out, the cum dripped down my leg. “Please, Please, can I take a picture of your ass with my cum on it?” Why not…I answered. “Happy Holidays, Mr. Ellis!”

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