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Creamed panties are so delicious. I know because I cream in them every day. Let me tell you about it. Today, I woke up this morning and stepped into the shower. While I ran the soap over my deliciously sexy body I became horny.

So I slid that soapy hand down between my legs and began stroking my pussy. Slowly at first but as I became more and more excited I propped my leg on the side of the tub. One hand on my tits squeezing and teasing my nipples I began to cum.

After washing off that wonderful gooeyness I dried and stepped into my sexy soft cotton hipsters with the lace around the trip. I always feel young and fresh in a pair of these. Today I was going to go for a long run and then some yoga.

A very sexy woman

All hot and sweaty from a long run I hydrated at the cooler waiting for my yoga class to start. The instructor a very sexy woman with long red hair came up and asked if I was ready to begin. I knew I was hot and sweaty after my long run on the treadmill but I could not help it I flirted. “I am always ready for your class”, I smiled.

She pinned her hair up and grinned over her shoulder at me. During class, she kept touching my body by pulling and pushing me into the positions she demanded of me. Her hands glided up and down my thighs pulling my legs tighter and straighter.

I could feel myself growing wetter with every minute that passed. My breath was coming faster and my heart was racing. The hour must have come to an end as her husband a tall Italian man came into the room but immediately apologized for interrupting. “I am sorry I thought your session was over, darling” his voice was deep.

Sexual frustration

He bent to kiss her perfect pink lips and his hand familiarly cupped her bottom. I gathered up my things wishing I could be sandwiched between the two of these God-like creatures.  Standing in the shower I was certain that a few more minutes with her and I would have creamed panties.

I dressed for my day of meetings and errands by slipping into a black lace thong and matching bra under my business suit. I was composed and stern looking as I gazed into the mirror. There was no evidence of my sexual frustration on my face.

As I was leaving the gym I literally bumped into the hard wall of the husband’s chest. His name was Rob and he was beyond gorgeous. His hands steadied me one on my waist and one on my shoulder. I felt the heat through my clothes where his hands had been. He released me immediately but I knew I would feel him all day.

Eat my pussy!

I shook my head as I walked away from him, I was thinking, another pair of creamed panties! No time to change now, I made it through my first hour but could not stop thinking of fucking the two of them.

So I locked my office door, closed the blinds, and walked back behind my desk. I called my favorite phone sex site and slid my hand into my pants. I slowly stroked my fingers over my clit. The phone sex operator told me she would taste and suck my pussy juice off a cock. While she did I could eat her pussy.

My hand went faster diving deeper to my wet throbbing hole, I thrust 2 fingers inside. That hot wet pussy squeezed those fingers driving me even faster over the edge. The climax building I continued to stroke faster and massaging my clit. I groaned as I creamed panties. I pulled my fingers out and sucked them clean just as a knock sounded at my door.

It was my secretary and she said I was overdue for a meeting. Well no time to change now, I would be wearing my creamed panties. I squirmed the whole next hour feeling the evidence of the fun I had had just before.

Creamed panties for sale!

I know you love to smell and stroke with a sexy pair of creamed panties. Whether you like them creamed or not I love to sell them to you. I promise they will come smelling sweet like me and those creamy ones well they will be delicious!

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