Cream Pies Are The Best Leftovers!

Thanksgiving leftovers are the best! You have the stuffing, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes and OF COURSE…the left over cream pies. My cream pie recipe is perfect for the holidays. I always serve it warm and gooey.

My holiday cream pies this year were extra special. My uncles joined in on the fun of making it, along with my dad and my boyfriend. Of course we all went through the traditional pleasantries of talking and laughing about the past. My uncles all laughed about how much fun it was to bounce me up and down on their knees during the holidays.

They said it was a joy seeing me grow up through out the years. They couldn’t stop commenting on how beautiful I had grown to be. They were drinking, of course, and when they drink they have to touch whatever they admire. My aunts glared as they watched the uncles eyes and crotch bulge at the sight of my plump breast swollen in my holiday sweater. They hated the attention I was getting but, there was nothing they could do about it.

My dad made it know that I would always be his little girl and even dedicated special toast to me at dinner. I was flattered and really horny after having my uncles feel me up in my tight skirt and shirt. Uncle Roger, who was known for calling phone sex lines all of the time, made sure to sit by me at dinner. He rubbed my thigh and my pussy as we said grace and passed plates. By the time dessert came out Dad told me to meet him upstairs for “a special holiday gift”.

We were alone at first in his bedroom. He looked at me with so much pride as he wrapped his hands around my waste and pulled me in for our special kiss. Just as he was about to push his tongue into my mouth, the door swung open and all 7 of my uncles came in one after the other.

They were like animals pulling my clothes off and forced they fingers inside of my pussy and my asshole. I sucked daddy’s dick while Uncle Tim fucked my tight asshole. He said every year I got tighter and tighter. He left his cream pie deep in my ass. Uncle Robert loved leaving his cream pie in my mouth. He waited until I was done with dad and then he forced his cock down my throat and made me gag and swallow his huge load.

The time came for the other Uncles to bust their nuts inside of me. Some busted in my ass but most of them finished in my cunt hole. Daddy was saved for last. Daddy did more than just fuck me. He made love to me. He made me feel the love as he pumped his cock hard inside of me. My uncles cheered him on as he fucked me in the deepest parts of my pussy. I could feel his cock in my stomach! I kept telling my dad that I loved him. I begged for his seed and he gave it to me really hard.

After all of them left their cream pies inside of me, I texted my boyfriend and told him to come and eat them out of my dripping pussy. He licked the warm cream that oozed from my pussy walls. He said it was the best dessert he’d ever had. He then shared his mouth full of cum with me as he kissed me and left his cream pie deep inside.

Best Thanksgiving EVER! I can’t wait for Christmas. The cousins will join in on that one👅

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