Cream pie surprise I will never forget

I went out a few weeks ago. Typically when I go out, it’s when my husband has weekend duty and isn’t home,  I call my husband and let him know and then when i get home I call him to let him know I am safe and at home. It was a Friday evening when we talked and he said he would be home tomorrow evening. Well then I thought I need to get my fun in now. I went to a bar and it was pretty happening. I order a drink and I am looking hot with my black dress and thigh highs. I caught the attention of many that night. I had a purpose right from the start and that was I wanted me some yummy cream pie. I love going out meeting a guy having him fuck the shit out of me and leaving me with a nice cream pie filled pussy.

I scanned the bar to see who was going to give me my cream pie this night. I found the gentleman who I thought could do the deed. We chatted up a little danced some and I was so horny I just wanted to leave. So I suggested to him how about we end this night here and go have some fun. He took me back to his place and both of us couldn’t get undressed fast enough. I pushed him back on the bed and planted my pussy right on his face while I went down and sucked his cock until I just couldn’t take it any more.

I got on my hands and knees as he slid his nice thick cock right into my pussy and he started pounded me. I cam all over his cock. He asked me where do you want me to come baby I said in my pussy baby give me that cream pie. He filled me up we sat for a minute and then I got dressed and went home.

Typically when I get my cream pies I go home and fuck myself with my dildo and then lick it clean. When I got home there was my husband waiting for me on the couch all I could think of is oh my god I am busted. He came up to me and said Charlie I wanted to surprise you I said well mission accomplished. We started kissing and I knew exactly where this was leading to. So I suggested we take it the bedroom and told him I wanted to freshen up and I would be right there. I went into the bathroom and used toilet paper to get most of that cream pie out. Now he’s going to know I’m not the “good wife”. Fuck it, Oh well. I went back to our bed and he wanted to eat my pussy immediately as that’s his favorite thing.  I hesitantly opened my legs, took a deep breath and felt his whole mouth covering as much of my pussy as he can fit his mouth on.  His face wiggled side to side his tongue explored deep into my pussy, and then inside of my asshole. I have to admit, knowing my cunt was fucked, and fucked hard not to long ago and now his mouth was covering that same pussy, was intoxicating, and when he commented these words “Damn Charlie, you’re so wet tonight, and it’s a little salty. I told him the girls and I had an awesome night of dancing all night long and what he was tasting is the sweat from my workout. He loved it even more then. My husband doesn’t even know he was licking another mans cream pie.

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