When I invited my best friend to come over I never imagined I would end up serving him a cream pie

It’s Sunday afternoon, and I’m relaxing around the house. Around noon by best friend John called to see if I wanted to hang out. I wasn’t really feeling the idea of going out into the world today, so I invited John to my place for movies and drinks instead. I never expected to end the day with my best friend eating his cream pie out of my pussy.

John came to my place with a pizza and a 6 pack of beer. Everything you need for a besties movie date at home. As we ate our pizza and guzzled beers John began to tell me about how his girlfriend has been disappointed with their sex life recently. Because John is such a handsome fit guy, I never dreamed that he would ever have a problem satisfying a woman, but it turns out my best friend is a minute man. I decided that the best way to help John with his problem was to help him master the fine art of dick control.

I turned off the action movie we had been watching and found us some big cock porn to watch.

At first, John was weirded out that I wanted to watch porn with him. We’ve been best friends for years and had never done anything sexual with each other. I explained to John that in order to master dick control, he would have to get used to being turned on for long periods of time without touching himself. John looked skeptical, but I assured him that I could help him with his hair trigger.

After about 20 minutes of watching porn, I could tell that John was starting to get turned on. I could see the outline of his cock pressing through his jeans. I decided it was time to up the ante and pulled John’s shirt off. Then I leaned over and began teasing John’s nipples with the tip of my tongue as I gently raked my long red fingernails up and down his stomach.  I could see John’s cock twitching in his jeans as his face started to flush. I ran my hand down his torso to his thighs teasing the areas around his cock but never quite touching it.

So I kissed John on the side of his neck and I could feel him shiver. I dropped my hand even lower and began tracing the lines of John’s cock with the tip of my finger. I could feel the heat of his hard cock through his jeans and I have to admit it turned me on.

For over an hour John and I watched porn while I teased him.

John managed to take it all without touching his cock or blowing his load in his pants. Now it’s time for the last phase of Katrina’s dick control boot camp; mutual masturbation. I leaned back on the sofa, lifted my skirt and slid my panties off. John didn’t take his eyes off of me as I laid back and spread my legs. I reached between my legs and began rubbing my wet pussy. As my fingers circled my wet, puffy clit, I gave John permission to pull out his cock. John knelt between my legs, his cock was wet with pre-cum.

I pulled my tits out of my t-shirt as John rubbed his hard cock against my wet cunt.

I arched my back and pinched my nipples as John’s cock slowly slid up my slit. As I lowered my hips on the sofa John’s cock found its way into my dripping wet, pink, hole. Slowly John pushed his cock into me, making sure that I felt every inch of his throbbing cock. I spread my legs wider and wrapped my legs around John’s waist trying to take him deeper into me. The head of John’s cock quickly found my G-Spot. John began grinding and pushing against my G-Spot, making my pussy shiver and tighten around his cock before my pussy exploded all over John’s cock. Feeling my pussy juice running down his cock made John fuck me harder. I could feel his cock throbbing right before John shot a huge creamy load of cum deep inside of my hungry cunt.

After John came, I tried to sit up, but John had other plans. He grabbed me by the thighs and draped my legs over his shoulders. John shoved his face into my pussy and began licking his cream pie out of me. Even though I had just cum, feeling John licking his cream pie out of my snatch made my clit swell again. John licked every drop of cum out of my pussy before making his way up to my clit and sucking my little bean until I shot hot pussy juice into his face and mouth. John didn’t waste any time lapping up all of the juice out of my pussy. After John was sure that I was totally clean, we both laid on the sofa happy and spent.

It took a little under two hours for John to complete each phase of my dick control boot camp.

I was proud of John for lasting as long as he did. I was even more impressed by the way John eagerly took on the creampie he left in my pussy. John and I finished our beers and I sent him home to his girlfriend confident that his dick control issues were behind him.

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