Cum Fetish? Cream Pie is The BEST Purpose for a Cum Fetish

How deep does your cum fetish go?

Mine is to the core

I have always been a cum lover. Love a guy that isn’t afraid to taste my delicious creampie and even better share that cum pie with me.

Your Yummy WAD of Cum dripping out of my sweet pink pleasure hole.
It is such an inviting sight,  a dreamy cum fetish lovers heaven.

Think about it, after a nice good FUCKFEST
Those long deep strokes
No condom, Only skin to skin. That build-up getting so intense.

Thoughts racing of how we will taste all mixed together. I already want to suck my juices off your cock.

You pounded my pussy so hard and fast, I’ve already squirted my creamy juices all over that hard fuck stick.

And you’re getting close…

Long deep demanding strokes

I clench my cunt around your cock
Urging you to fill me

I whisper ” Cum for me”

I command ” CUM FOR ME”

And you let go, your cum rushing and flooding my snatch

Time to taste our special creation

I Spread my legs and squat over your face
Your hands travel up my thighs to my soft pussy lips
and you gently pull them open

Awaiting your creamy prize.

Watching my stretched hole
You see the first sign of a creamy pearl of Creampie

Your cum fetish overtakes you

Open wide and EAT My Creampie

Cum fetish Creampie Phone SEX
So Yummy!
Creampies with me Cum In 2 Flavors


and it can NOT be made without some of the thickest creamiest cum.

Don’t you have some you want to share with

Ass Play CREAMPIES with me
are a delicate’ you WON’T forget!

I have a wonderful CREAMPIE Recipe, It’s Always HOMEMADE *wink*

Let’s give our cum fetish a new purpose!


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