My cuckold boyfriend loved cleaning up my cream pie delicacy. It’s mind over matter. When I first started cheating on Tim, our relationship was still over the top hot. I wanted more! I did feel slightly guilty when I started having one night fuck sessions with other men. Cheating was half the fun.   Knowing he was waiting at home the other part the drove me crazy.  I would arrive home after a night out with the girls (Wicked LiL Laugh) or so he thought. Something was definitely different this time.

Late one night back in December, I was just fucked minutes before I arrived home. I could feel the creamy wet feeling of cum dripping down my legs. The cream pie between my legs could feed a king. ( Wicked LiL Laugh) I planned on doing my normal routine of jumping in the shower. Tim stopped me before I could slip into the shower. He had other plans in mind for me.

Something was very different. He took me like a hungry animal. First kissing my lip and working his way down my body, as he licked every inch of my body. From the blazing look in his eyes, he could taste the flavor of another man on my body. This didn’t stop him. He wanted more. He pushed me on the bed and began to lift my skirt. I tried to stop him, but he wanted more. My blood was pumping. It was inevitable he would discover my cream pie pussy.

Slowly, Tim slipped between my creamy thighs, as his tongue spread my pussy lips with great anticipation. He wasn’t stopping, in fact, he devoured my pussy like he loved my cream pie pussy. His face was drenched with my juices and the cum of another man. He revealed to me that he loved the way I tasted. He looked me straight in the eyes and said. ” I love the taste of another man inside your pussy.” He knew the whole time. He said, the thought of another man satisfying me drove him crazy. Licking me clean took him over the top!! He wanted to lick me clean every time.

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