Crazy Sex Stories – Teen Werewolf Seductress

This is another one of my crazy sex stories about werewolf transformation. You know who you are. This one’s for you.

You’re jogging home from Grandma’s house dressed in a red jogger suit. You’re panting and tired and you can see the sun setting in the trees to the west.

That’s when you see her. She’s a girl in a plaid bikini leaning up against a tree and she only looks like a teenager. Maybe it’s the euphoria of the run mixed with the alluring smell of some aphrodisiac you don’t recognize.

This young, seductive lady beckons you forward. You slowly move closer to the treeline and, as you approach her, your pace slows, stopping in front of her. She smiles and gently takes you by the hand, leading you deeper into the forest.

After walking for several minutes the two of you come to a clearing by a small pond. Once there she pushes you roughly to the ground and you notice she’s much stronger than she looks. Looking above her you see the sky growing dark and the glimmer of stars twinkling overhead.

Sliding her bikini bottoms to the side she pulls out your hard cock and guides it inside her. She feels so tight, her lips gripping you in a way you’ve never experienced before. Right before your eyes you notice a subtle change of her eye color. They were a light water blue, but slowly turn yellow.

As she rides you, her tits grow and pop out of her bikini top, which falls onto your chest. Hair sprouts all over her body and her teeth extend, becoming fangs.

She’s turning into a werewolf!

Your eyes widen as she leans into you. Her mouth opens, revealing her sharp fangs. As her snout elongates, she buries her muzzle into the hallow of your neck and you feel a sharp, quick pain as her teeth sink into your flesh.

Together you howl at the full moon, you flip her onto her back and thrust your cock into her. Looking down you notice it’s doubled in size. Your blood pumps through you faster. You can feel your heartbeat in your head as you fuck her, the transformation now happening to you.

Growling, howling, snarling, fucking, biting, scratching, and moaning you both collapse onto the grass completely spent, however the night isn’t over yet…..

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