I love when Crazy Sex Stories happen to me.

Crazy Sex Stories happened just the other night.

 I spent the night with Travis and Ben and we had so much fun together. It’s not that hard though when you have two dicks pounding you until you’re a shaky, sloppy mess.

 All three of us were horny as hell by the time we met. We’ve sent tons of messages and pics to each other and I couldn’t wait to give myself to them. We met at a hotel and went straight to fucking. The three of us were ready for Crazy Sex Stories.

Getting naked we got on the bed and we were all over each other. The guys couldn’t keep their hands off me. I was playing with Travis’s dick while Ben was beside me, kissing me and pinching my nipple between his fingers. Putting Travis’s tip in my mouth I gave it little sucks as my nipples got hard and my pussy began to ache.

 I spread my legs and pushed my ass against him, hoping he’d touch my pussy. He just kept grinding his dick into my thigh and squeezing my tit so hard it hurt a little bit.

I needed a dick in me so I slid Travis out of my mouth and pushed him so he was lying completely on his back.

 Straddling him I quickly shoved two fingers into my pussy, fingering myself to make sure I was dripping wet. I slid my fingers out and let Ben have a taste of my pussy. His fingers flicked over mine and I told him to get the lube. I held Travis’s dick as I lifted myself up and gasped as I lowered my pussy on it. He filled me and I shifted down until he was deep inside.

 I started riding him while Ben watched us and I went a bit faster, making my tits bounced while he jerked his dick. He looked so hard and I panted as I said: “I want it in my ass.” He smiled at that and I leaned over Travis, slowing down as he got behind me. I wanted anal sex.

Ben stood on the bed and crouched down, getting into position. I put one hand on the bed and the other on my ass, holding it open for him. Staying still he lubed me up but I clenched my pussy muscles so I could keep playing with Travis. When I was loose enough he started pushing his dick into my ass and I leaned lower, pressing my boobs against Travis.

My ass stretched wider and it hurt as his dick went in deeper. I cried out and felt like I was being ripped in two as both of their dicks filled me.

Biting my lip as Ben started fucking me every thrust felt like I was dying. I braced myself on the bed as Travis began fucking me, thrusting his hips up and pounding my pussy. Bouncing as they fucked me I felt so full, it was amazing. My pussy was tight and I was crazy wet. They grunted and groaned and they fucked my holes and my clit was hurting so bad.

 Ben rammed his dick into me again and again, not stopping until he came. It filled my ass and dripped out of my hole when he pulled out. Travis rolled me onto my back and went at me like a jackhammer, fucking me so hard it hurt. I came first, my pussy clamping down on him as I shook. He came a few seconds later, falling on top of me as he shot his load in me.

My ass and pussy feel so sore today but it was the best night I’ve had in a while.

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