Crazy Sex Stories -Popperbating

Crazy sex stories -Popperbating! A guy introduced me to the exciting sexual experience of popperbating! Have you tried it? Using poppers to get a quick and intense high and hard on is pretty common in the gay community, but straight guys can totally indulge in this intense masturbation technique.

The guy who introduced me to popperbating and popper porn called me one morning after a night of partying. He had me turn a video on, and get ready for a ride! We watched the crazy video full of hot girls sucking cock and pulsating club music. I would tell him how to stroke his rock hard cock as the music and cock sucking got louder and faster. My Man came soooo hard!

Do you want to get a huge boner and cum extra hard?

First, buy some poppers. Poppers are a legal party drug made from alkyl nitrite that when inhaled it gives you a rush and enhances sexual pleasure.

Put a popper video on- there are lots on Pornhub.”Throat Romance” is a great one for straight guys. The video is a wild and fast and gives instructions on when to inhale your popper and when to stroke your dick. The girls are hot and suck lots of cock. Lots of POV and cum shots! The music is loud and fast. The poppers will make everything more extreme.

Add one more layer to your popperbating experience! Call me and I will help watch the popper video and tell you what to do to build up to the huge ejaculation and cumfest!!

Countdown…inhale…stroke till you are rock hard!

Cum in my mouth and tits!



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