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Crazy sex stories are my FAVE! Treasure chest of sex toys, trashy lingerie and dirty panties everywhere!
Do you have any limits as to how far you’ll go with me? Or Better Yet, How Far you will let me take you??
* Grin*
I know some of you guys are a little shy about opening up. Some of you are a little leery of trying new things. Maybe you’d like to explore something I like. This is one of my secrets, I don’t share very many. So this is good stuff… *giggle*
The first time I ever invite a guy into my bedroom, I like to “feel” him out. (no pun intended) Believe it or not, I don’t always fuck on the 1st date. I know that’s kinda surprising. But sometimes, I can’t always be a “good girl”
Say you’re my guy, and I’ve decided, I wanna bring you home with me. So what I like to do is to start by giving you a tour of my bedroom. So many Crazy sex stories have started in here..

I think I may have made love ONCE

It’s a rather large room… Bubblegum lite Lavendar painted walls, white carpet… and right now. I’m on this Zebra print kick… so I have a zebra everything.. and besides, My Long bright red hair, looks so fuckin hot draped over my black and white striped velour blankets.
I have a sex swing suspended from the ceiling,*giggles* and yes, I like showing YOU what I look like in it. There are so many angles…..Next to my toy box with a plethora of rubber duckies, plugs, vibes.. etc. I love picking out my favorites and showing them off to you… Then I just casually place them with my favorite flavored lube on the bed on the bed.
I’d turn the radio on, something sexy… and start giving you a nice striptease, I love to dance. Making your dick so hard with the sway of my hips and the push of my ass against the front of your jeans. BUT…

I don’t let you touch… Not yet.

I can touch you, but you can’t touch me…
I help you off with your shirt, rubbing my hands all over your chest and shoulders…Mmm, even leaning up for a sexy kiss. My hands strip you of your pants… and I instruct you to go sit on my black velvet chaise lounge.
I remove my bra, and leave my panties, and heels on…and crawl up onto my bed, which you have an excellent view of. I begin showing you how I like to touch myself. Teasing my nipples, rubbing some vanilla creme’ lube onto them, playfully pinching.. twisting, and pulling. Then I toss the lube to you… and  I rub the front of my panties.
I want you to use that lube, I want to see what your cock would look like all covered in my cream, So I tease my moistening pussy thru my panties, until you get the hint. *giggle*

Bet you’d love to see what’s behind that small piece of fabric. Don’t worry.. I’ll show you.

I LOVE teasing.. myself AND you. So I rub and tug at my panties… I slide them aside giving you a peek at my pussy, rubbing my pussy lips and tracing over my clit, while you begin to stroke that yummy hard boner.
I grab one of my toys, laid out from earlier… and I start shoving that rubber meatcicle into my wet love box.
Pumping my box, in and out making sure to hit that special spot. Mmmmmm, fuck, watching you pump your main vein, really makes me wanna fuck myself sooooo hard.

I pump and prod until I CUM all over my rubber fuck stick.

I motion for you to come over… Get on the bed with me…
And I begin to lick my cream, mixed with the vanilla creme’ off of my dildo…
I want you to share it with me.. Help me clean my pussy juices off of this stick I fuck myself with…
Mmmmm, it’s so hot when we can share, Don’t you think??? I offer my rubber duckie to your mouth.
I wanna watch you suck my toy clean, while I Suck your cock?
Won’t you help me clean, and put away my toys??
Crazy sex Stories can be fun or TWISTED
wanna be in my perverts only club? *giggles*
Did I mention we FUCK?

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