I am sure you are wondering just what these crazy sex stories are about? Sure, you like your fair share of gore and guts, but does it turn you on? If not, then this is most certainly not the blog for you. I might direct you to some more of my more timid stories over here. Now, for all you other snuff cravers like myself, meet Emily. Emily was so excited to finish high school. Her world was full of all the dreams and aspirations that any parent would wish for their child. However, her brain was also focused on another subject that would get her off track.

Creating Crazy Sex Stories Of Her Own

I could see her coming a mile way. Although, she was about maybe 18 she had this innocent air about her personality. The two of us met online. She was looking for her first threesome. Something I would be more than happy to facilitate on a normal day. However, I wanted to do a little bit more with Miss. Emily. So, I picked her up in a back ally and brought her back to an abandoned apartment building where a friend of mine was waiting. I assured her this was going to be an exciting location where we could both explore new sides of our sexuality.

What a Good Little Puppy She Was

She went to use the bathroom once we were inside, leaving her bag and phone on the table. Quickly I disabled the fucker and tossed it out the complex window. When she came out, her complexion was very pale. She was beginning to regret the choice of joining us for our group sex. However, as she grabbed her bag and eagerly searched for her phone my buddy was standing behind her rope in hand. Quickly he looped it around her neck and tightened the noose pulling her towards the abandoned bed in the other room.

You’re Ours Now Bitch

She attempted to free herself, even pissing her cute little panties she was wearing. I straddled her back as he secured her arms and legs to the bed. Although her mouth was duct taped, soft whimpers left her lips. I began to rip her clothes from her body, wiping her pissed on panties all over her miserable face. She was going to be torn to bits, the pathetic whore. I mocked her as he rolled the camera. I stuffed a bat inside of her ass hole, forcing her gaping shitter open as she squealed like a little piglet. Tortures came in waves between force fuckings off all of her holes till her little teen body could not handle anymore, and our crazy sex stories were at a close. Filmed and ready to be distributed.

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