Halloween, one of my favorite holidays full of loads of crazy sex stories. The haunted houses and the warmth of a man’s arms wrapped around me. Feeling safe and secure. Nothing is better, or so this fetish phone sex babe was led to believe.

You told me to be dressed up and ready to go by 9 pm on Halloween night. You were taking me to the scariest haunted house in town. So of course, I had to pull out my sexiest costume I could find. The pirate wrench it was. My perfectly perky tits almost exposed with just a little of my bubble butt ass showing. You pull up at 8:45 pm giving us 15 minutes to fool around. Your hand on the inside of my thigh as we kiss, pushing me up against my living room wall. I get so wet it’s dripping on your hand. You lick it off then ask if I’m ready to go.

Your Hand On The Inside Of My Thigh As We Kiss…

We pull up to the house that is pitch black. When you said haunted house I thought you were talking about a scary attraction I didn’t think you meant an actual haunted house. Scared I grab your hand as you start to get out and tell you that I’m afraid, I’ve never been to a true haunted house before. You laugh and tell me it’ll be fun and not to worry. Holding your hand tight and gripping your arm in a death lock I walk next to you and we proceed up the steps. I’m shaking, not sure if its the fear or the weather. You put your arm around me and grab the flask from your pocket, telling me to take a sip, it’ll loosen me up. You knew the crazy sex stories we were going to be getting into, even before I do. Finally, we reach the door!

Crazy Sex Stories Surprise!

fetish phonesex

We step inside and to my surprise, there are four other men standing inside. I look at you, then the door shuts hard and I can hear it lock behind me. Everyone’s faces are covered. Your hands are on my breast as you stand behind me and you whisper in my ear “don’t worry you sexy Pirate, it’ll be fun, after all, we know how much you love a pirates cum” You rip my costume off my breast exposing them for everyone to see. My heart is beating out my chest and I’m so wet I can feel it dripping down my legs. All the other guys start to laugh as they come up and take their turns feeling every inch of the parts of me that are meant for you.
All there hands everywhere, one guy spreads my legs and starts to lick all over my sweet dripping wet pussy, another has his tongue licking in circles around my nipple.

Gangbang Cum Whore

The other two guys are stripping their pants off as you have your fingers in my mouth telling me how much I am going to like all these huge cocks. The guy that was licking my pussy pulls me to my knees and starts to kiss me. I can taste myself all over him, the perfect taste for any crazy sex stories. His tongue was sweet with my cum. You all surround me with your cocks out. Telling me to open wide. There are so many I don’t know where to start. This is all so exciting and scary at the same time. You all start shoving your huge hard dicks in my face and one after the other I shove them in my mouth getting a taste of them all. Jerking off whoever I don’t have in my mouth. The next thing I know I have my ass in the air begging someone to please put their cock in my wet pussy!
I need it. One after the other you all start pounding my tight wet pus, telling me how much you love it. I can’t help myself but cum everywhere, the terror of the night has left me with nothing but pleasure and begging for more. Finally, I end up having all my holes filled as you all cum in each of them. I’m lying on the floor naked and cum filled. I never thought there could be a better feeling than feeling the warmth of a man’s arms wrapped around me on Halloween night, making you feel safe and secure. Oh, how I was so wrong…

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