Crazy Sex Stories – Halloween Edition – A Poltergeists Pounding

Interested in my Crazy Sex Stories? You are going to love this one. A very good friend of mine asked me if I had ever had thoughts of being fucked by a ghost. Truth is, I hadn’t. However, after his mentioning, I can’t seem to shake the thought, and if I’m being honest with you, I have fallen in lust with the thought. I can’t tell you how wet I get just thinking about the idea of someone or something in the room with me taking advantage of me. I’ve obsessed over this for a while now, so much that I’ve begun dreaming about it.

Some Crazy sex stories turn into phenomenal sex for me. I get so wet during some of my sex therapy sessions. After hearing about a particular fantasy or fetish, I always want to try it out.

In the dream, it always starts off with me getting out of a very relaxing bath. In my silky robe with matching silk panties. I am so aroused and I get on the phone, desperately needing hot phone sex. The callers’ voice turns dark, demanding. The more he yelled, barking orders of HOW I should touch my pussy when to slowly stroke my clit, and the pace of my finger fuck.

I was getting so close to an epic orgasm and My caller could hear how close I was to cumming.

Listening to the demonic voice in my ear, chanting for me to edge my tight little twat, and feeling the curtain lick and lash at my nipple like a moth to a flame was pushing my libido into overdrive. I had a feeling that even if I wasn’t enjoying this, I was going to be forced too. Forced sex stories are every girl’s best-kept secret.

The window was opened and the chilly breeze blew the curtain just so it teased my nipples. I felt my Legs being spread apart and pinned, like someone or something was right there in my bedroom with me. What happened next is almost unbelievable… Stay tuned for part 2!

Crazy sex Stories – You want em? I’ve got em!

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