Crazy Sex Stories And An Unexpected Threesome

My girlfriend and I have tons of crazy sex stories between the two of us. And we add a few more each year, like last weekend when we went clubbing. There was this very good looking guy we both spotted on the dance floor. And we went over and were both bumping and grinding on him and I knew I wanted him. It was evident my friend did as well. So I wasn’t s

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ure how this was going to play out. He made it clear he was into both of us, so we said what the hell let’s do a threesome and both get to enjoy him. Most clubs have crazy sex stories going on every night, so a threesome seemed relatively tame in comparison.

We Both Wanted Him And He Was Into Both Of Us

I lived the closest, so we went back to my place. I got us all some drinks and that loosened up our inhibitions even further. He was sitting between us on the sofa and we were running our hands over his hot and toned body and peeling his clothes off. I suggested we move things to the king sized bed in my bedroom. So we’d have more room and be as comfortable as possible. There was a trail of discarded clothes as we walked there.

We Really Were Both Cock Hungry

He lay on the bed and told us he loved to have two girls go down on him at the same time. So we both went down and started to stroke and kiss and suck on his cock and balls. And we could tell from his groans of delight he loved our sensual administrations. I took my tongue and dragged it all around the head of his dripping cock head. Licking off his precum as my girlfriend suckled on his massive, cum filled balls. She was a dirty bitch and even put two fingers up his ass as she did. And he seemed to like it. I decided to let her handle his dick and I got up and sat on his face.

He Was Able To Please Both Of Us

He was a good pussy licker and sucked on my clit making me writhe on top of him .And trying to get that tongue to slide into my pussy. This night at the bar had turned into a hot night. And I knew it would be one of my favorite crazy sex stories for a while. He did put his tongue in my wet cunt and I grabbed his face and just rode his tongue until I came .And gushed all over his face. I looked over my shoulder and saw my friend had gotten up and was bouncing up and down on his cock .And he had her by the hips and she was just grinding on him and she came loudly as she rode him vigorously.

We  Even Had Some Bi sexual Play

He said he wanted to fuck me as well. So I got on all fours and he soon had his dick still wet from my friends cunt. Going into my pussy, she asked if I’d like her tongue on my clit as I got fucked. I sure wasn’t going to say no to that. So she got underneath and started to quickly lick my clit in short, fast strokes. As he pounded my pussy and it wasn’t long until another blockbuster of an orgasms welled up within me and I exploded. It was a fantastic and exhausting night. I doubt we will ever see this guy again, but it was one hot night of fucking.

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