Crazy Sex Stories: My Experience Getting Pulled Over and Fucked by a Cop

Crazy Sex Stories: Part I

“Is everything alright officer?” I ask nervously. I have no idea why I am being pulled over. It is 2 am I should have just gone on the highway instead of taking the local route.

“Mam, I am going to need you to step out of the car” He replies curtly, completely ignoring my question. His eyes drop and linger on my cleavage and that makes me terrified and super wet.

His stern replies and leering eyes make me hesitate to get off the vehicle. I have frozen from fear.

“Mam, Please step out of the vehicle” He repeats with a hint of annoyance. “Mam, I will not ask again”

My lips open but I am so afraid I am paralyzed I cannot even think straight. I close my eyes for a split second and I hear the whoosh of my car door being yanked open.

The officer then reaches inside my car unbuckling my seatbelt. I am yanked out of my own car by this brute and roughly handcuffed.

“Wait why am I being handcuffed??” I finally manage to squeak.

Completely ignoring my question he drags me by my arm to the front of my car. I am roughly slammed; face down on the hood of my car.

“Place your hand’s palm down on the hood mam. Do not make any sudden movements unless you are asked to.” The officer says in a calm clear voice.

“Yes, officer,” I say following his instructions. I can feel him moving behind me but I don’t dare to move my body to get a better look. All of a sudden I feel his hands spread my legs far apart and he starts to pat me down. His strong hands firmly grip my ankle squeezing gently; slowly making his way up to my calf’s and legs.

His actions are making my pussy ache.

To be continued….

Crazy Sex stories Part II 4/02/2018

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