Crazy sex stories: She masturbates, sucks, and fucks in a moving car

They say that you shouldn’t talk on the phone or text while driving, but what about masturbation, sucking and fucking while driving? I have so many crazy sex stories, but this one is my favorite.

My boyfriend and I went to visit some of his relatives in South Dakota. His family is way too conservative and religious. It was hard finding a place to have sex. We couldn’t fuck in the house without being sneaky and it was nearly impossible to us to fuck as much as we liked. How were we ever going to add to our crazy sex stories being in that kind of environment?

I was really horny for him all the time. One day we had to go to the next town to pick up a package for his mom. We headed down a long country road. It was summer and sunny out. I was wearing a short sundress with just a thong underneath. It felt so good to be alone with him even if it was in the car.

It was just after 1 pm so there was no traffic. I could feel the heat of the sun beating down on my thighs. I looked over at him and began to lift my dress up so he could see my thong. Then I slid my thong to the side to show him how wet my pussy was.

He got an immediate bulge in in shorts.

I turned sideways so he could see me better and started to rub my clit from side to side. I pulled the straps of my dress down to show him my tits. He started rubbing his cock through his shorts. He couldn’t stand it anymore and took his hard cock out. We were both getting so hot and horny.

A few cars passed us and I think a few people in SUVs could see us masturbating. I felt so naughty and horny.

I leaned over and started sucking his cock. It was so hard and throbbing. I had to fuck him. The car was an old sedan type car with a bench seat. He slid the seat back just a bit and I mounted him. My back was facing the windshield. I slid his cock inside of me and started to ride him. My pussy felt so slick and wet. The wind was blowing into the car from how fast we were going.

He kept his foot on the gas and the car steady. Good thing the road was long and straight. We both orgasmed so hard!

Every once in awhile we have hot phone sex. I love to have guided masturbation while we both remember how good it felt to fuck in a moving car. That day made it easy for me to add to my crazy sex stories.

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