Crazy Sex Stories: Getting Pulled Over and Fucked by a Cop Part II

Crazy Sex Stories: Part II

His actions are making my pussy ache.

I regret wearing a dress today. I regret not wearing panties even more. As his hands move up to my leg I dread each second that passes by. How far up will he go? I think to myself. Surely he won’t go up too far. My eyes widen as I feel his hands go in underneath my tight pencil skirt.

To make matters worse I have an embarrassing amount of pussy juice running down my legs. I feel his hands slide up my thigh they pause; I can feel him rubbing his thumb and index finger together. Fuck, I am so embarrassed I can feel my face burning red. He knows I am wet.  My pussy juice is extra thick and gooey no way it can be mistaken for something else.

I sigh in relief as his hands disappear from underneath my skirt. Yes, I think to myself he is done patting me down. I hear the unmistakable sound of fingers being sucked. DID HE JUST LICK HIS FINGERS!

Before my mind can finish processing this information I feel his hands return to my thighs. He lifts my Pencil skirt up, right below my pussy and I can feel the cold air hitting my wet lips.  There is no delay as his fingers go straight up to my bare Pussy.

I let out a long his as he dips his fingers in between my wet lips. I feel him spread my butt cheeks and pussy wide, followed by his hot tongue licking me from my anus to my pussy. Then I let out a muffled moan and wriggle my ass in ecstasy.

A firm slap to my bare ass makes me yelp. “Mam, I told you to hold still”

“Uh Oh” I am in trouble

To be continued….

Crazy Sex stories Part III 4/04/2018

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