Crazy Sex Stories

This is one of my absolute crazy sex stories that happened a while back, but it’s one that I will never forget! Every once in a while I like to feature a caller on my blog that I have a great fucking time with. ( and I do mean a great FUCKING time)

hmmm, I shall refer to him as C. to protect him *giggles*
You see, C. likes to get fucked up and play. Who doesn’t like to get fucked up and play?  Mmmm, and boy do we play. I rather enjoy him high. I’ll tell you about one of many favorite calls with C. In fact, our 1st call.
(Besides getting fucked up, usually leads to some of the HOTTEST crazy sex stories!)
C. dials me up and says he wants to play… and he has a “different” kind of fetish.
“Different?” I ask. ( I was excited just hearing the word different)
He proceeds to tell me, that he’s stoned and has the munchies and want to play with food.


So He and I set up a sexy scenario where we are at a Halloween party. The house is crowded and full of guests, and C. and I are baked beyond reason. I lead C. over to the buffet table and point out all of the yummy assorted treats. They even had a make your own sundae bar! *wicked grin* and that’s where I wanted to play with C. the most!

Cock. Chocolate. Sprinkles.

*mic drop*
We began making out sampling all the goodies, and I saw some innocent chocolate sauce. Drizzling it all over my tits and asked C. to lick it off, he did so without question. His tongue swept and sucked that smooth chocolate off or each of my thriving nipples. Moving down I drizzled it onto my belly and he cleaned me up nicely with his warm lips and hungry tongue. I then knelt for C. wanted to taste him covered in a sticky sweet treat.
I looked at the buffet table and saw CAKE, covered in sweet icing, I grabbed a handful and just gobbed it all over C’s big hard dick. Mmmmm, his cock looked so delicious covered in icing and cake that I had to see what it tasted like. I put my mouth on him greedily sucking and eating the cake from around his stiff rod. He moaned with pleasure.
After all of our sticky playing, and our own little intimate food fight, I wanted to feel C’s huge cock inside my pussy, so I begged him to fuck me right there in front of everyone on the buffet. By the end of our hot fuck session, we were covered in everything, including CUM and exhausted from banging it out. I loved cleaning C’s cock off, I licked him clean and drained him dry.
That was an awesome party!
C. is so much fun to play with, and his food fetish is awesome. Mmmm yum. We have played quite a few times since then and it just keeps getting hotter!

So Momma may have told you to NEVER play with your FOOD, But ANNA is!

Call Me and we can play with it together!

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