Crazy sex stories in the great outdoors

Crazy sex stories are the spice of life, but I never thought I would get a front row seat to some family fun. When I agreed to meet James at the park for some outdoor sex, I never thought that we would end up witnessing one of the craziest sex stories ever.

I met James at a secluded hiking area on the outskirts of the park. It’s a trail that is known for its seclusion, leafy carve-outs and beautiful streams. It is the perfect hiking area for outdoor sex. Knowing that outdoor sex is on the agenda for the afternoon, I wore the smallest pair of workout shorts I have and a bra top. When it comes to sex in the great outdoors cute and easy access is the name of the game. After a brisk hike, James and I found a clearing near a creek that was the perfect place for some naked outdoor fun.

When were sure that no one was around, James laid a blanket on the ground. As soon as the blanket was in place, I got on my knees and began sucking on James’ thick cock. As I gave James a blowjob, he pulled my tits out of my top and pinching my hard nipples. I took a break from James’ cock just long enough to get my shorts off and spread my legs. James wasted no time getting his throbbing cock into my wet snatch.

I ran my nails down James’ back as he buried his cock deep into my pussy.

Now, Sex outdoors has always been a major turn on for James, but this afternoon he is in rare form. James has my legs in the air and is pounding my pussy like it’s going out of style. Just as I was about to cum all over James’ cock, I heard a woman scream…..and it wasn’t me. I looked up to see a family of four watching me and James fuck on the side of the hiking trail. It was the Mom I heard a scream as she covered her youngest son’s eyes. Her husband and older son were looking everywhere except for at me and James. My face was flushed with embarrassment. To his credit, James didn’t skip a beat. He looked up at Mom and Dad and asked them to join us as he began pushing his cock against my g-spot.

Mom looked frightened and told her two teenage boys to wait for her at the edge of the trail out of eyesight. I could hear the anger in her voice, but when I looked in her direction I could see that she was walked towards me and James while taking off her shorts. Mom smiled at me before lowering her wet snatch right onto my face. Eating this woman’s wet pussy while James continued to pound my cunt made the orgasm that squirted out of my snatch that much hotter.

After the woman came in my mouth, she bent over and spread her asshole for her husband.

Watching the husband slide his thick into her open asshole turned James on so much, that he dropped a fat load of cum into my pussy. After he busted a nut, James and I started to clean ourselves up for the hike back to our car. The woman and her husband asked if they could hang onto the blanket for some family fun. At first, James and I were a bit confused by what they meant by family fun. But we figured it out when Mom called her two son’s back over to the clearing.

James and I watched as Mom gleefully laid on her back as her sons worked their young cocks into her pussy and ass. Careful not to let any of her boys feel left out, she opened her mouth and took her husband’s cock down her throat. James and I watched in amazement as this woman drained all of the cocks in her family dry with her pussy, ass and mouth.

Anytime you have sex outdoors or in public, there is the chance that you create some crazy sex stories. But no one could have expected anything like this! Over the years James and I have had people walk in on us fucking in public, they usually scream and run away. On occasion, they will ask if they can watch or join in. This is the first time we have ever had anyone ask to join in and give us a front row seat into their family fun. Making this moment the craziest of my crazy sex stories.

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