Crazy Sex Stories: Babysitter Seduces Raise & Hot Ageplay Phone Sex

Warning: The following crazy sex stories may make you want to nut your pants and have hot ageplay phone sex! Hello, Mr. Johnson. I know you’ve been at work all day and the last thing you went to deal with as a silly babysitter like me. No, don’t worry they were angels, and are already in bed. I was actually wanting to discuss other matters. I’m sorry I have to ask this, but I would really really like a raise. After all, I have some very important things that I’m saving for Mr. Johnson and I could really use the money.

Don’t worry, I am more than willing to work off whatever funds you give me. How would I work them off? Well, I know that you and Mrs. Johnson have not really been getting along lately. She is grown way bigger than she used to be and she can’t be quiet the bitch.

Crazy Sex Stories: Babysitter Seduces Her Own Raise

I can’t understand how a woman could just let herself go when she has such a real man at home. You know Mr. Johnson we can really help each other out. I’ve seen the way that you look at me when I wear my tiny little blue jean skirts. Or how you watch as I stretch my fingers that my tight stomach and across my breast when I’m stretching. Just like you’re doing now.

Answer me this Mr. Johnson, What would happen if I was to take my shirt off? After all, I know the Misses is out drinking with the buddies and she’s probably going to come home sloshed angry and pass out without giving you any.So, what do you think you would do? How about I cross my arms and take the shirt off now Mr. Johnson. As you can tell my tits are so perky I don’t even need to wear a bra.

Mr. Johnson, feel them. Crave my ageplay phone sex!

Feel them in your hands, and then your mouth.Now kiss down my stomach, shove up my blue jean skirt, and then taste my pantiless pussy. That’s right Mr. Johnson I’m not wearing any panties. In fact, I left the panties in your office drawer. I took them off when I was sitting at your computer masturbating in your favorite chair. Eat my cum soaked pussy. Finally, Enjoy the way that your body connects with mine. You’ve always wanted my tight teen cunt, now’s your chance to get it, Mr. Johnson. Fuck me, Fuck me hard just like you’ve always wished. Oh, and Mr.Johnson? I’ll take that raise in plastic, because I know you’re going to become addicted to this feeling and I’m going to be earning more and more money by the day. After all, I am your favorite babysitter, right?

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