Crazy Sex Stories

Five years ago, I was an orgasm-starved, bored cheating wife cleaning out her attic. As I sorted through the boxes, I found a photo album from a spring break trip to Mexico that I took with my sorority sisters. Reminiscing about the insane partying, the crazy sex stories, and drunken nights turned into drunken days; I realized that I was long overdue for a vacation.

Fuck This Shit

It had been so long since I had done anything spontaneous, adventurous, or exciting. This whole ‘suburban housewife’ thing was driving me insane. I immediately called my husband and spouted off a shit story about going on a yoga retreat in the mountains. I briskly threw outfits, bikinis, and dresses into a bag before grabbing two large suitcases and filling them with my shoes…you know how much I love my shoes! Throwing my bags into the trunk and hopping in the car, I had no idea where I was going; but I had all of my shoes, a stack of cash, and a full tank of gas.

Brittany – The Sexy Cum Whore

A few hours later, I stopped for a drink at a shoddy bar outside of Myrtle Beach. As I walked up to the bar, I saw a hot blonde with huge tits sitting at the bar alone. Feeling friendly, I sat next to her and ordered us a few shots. I quickly found out that her name was Brittany and she had hitched a ride halfway across the United States; ready to party it up during spring break.

This Is Going To Be Bad…SO FUCKING BAD!

I had a really good feeling that this sexy slut was trouble, but I couldn’t turn away. I was in search of an adventure and Brittany was intoxicatingly erotic. We took a few shots and hopped onto the bar, dancing and shaking our asses, giving the crowd a naughty show. Grinding our bodies together as we danced, I could feel my pussy tingling as I rubbed her tight jeans, massaging her bubbly ass. I knew that I was in for a wild ride with this bad girl by my side!

Brittany and I spent the rest of our time in Florida together. I don’t think that I have ever created so many crazy sex stories in such a short amount of time! She and I teased, sucked and fucked so many cocks. Guys jerked off while watching us lesbians eating each other out. And the black cock stories that we have would make anyone’s dick rock hard!

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