Crazy Sex Laws

Just For Fun, I researched the good ole’ US of A’s Sex laws. Some of them are funny, some of them quite weird, and some of them are just fucking outrageous. Let’s see what your state has a crazy sex law about.

USA’s Crazy sex laws

(in alphabetical order)

Alabama- incest is legal, so go ahead and put a ring on your sister!

Alaska-  in Fairbanks, moose aren’t allowed to have sex on the street.

Arizona- Law officials only permit 2 dildoes per household.

Arkansas- Flirting or overly sexual behavior in public can result in jail time.

California- in Walnut CA., a man can not dress as a woman without the sheriff’s permission.

Colorado- Male masseuse’s employed in massage parlors, must wear white uniforms

Georgia- Sex toys aren’t allowed. (never moving to GA)

Illinois- It is illegal to nuzzle or kiss reptiles.

Indiana- Men can NOT be sexually aroused in public.

Iowa- a kiss lasting longer than 5 minutes may result in jail time.

Kansas- Sodomy also involves oral sex and is frowned upon, but fingering an asshole is perfectly fine.

Kentucky- Dogs can get into trouble for molesting people.

Louisiana- Dead lays are legal. (Necrophilia is allowed)

Mississippi- Premarital sex may lead to a 500.00 fine ( phewwww, I would be soooo broke)

Nebraska- If you have gonorrhea you can not obtain a marriage license.

Nevada- selling sex toys is illegal

New Hampshire- You can not hang your lingerie on a clothesline at the Airport. WTF?… wait… WTF?

New Jersey- Flirting is ILLEGAL.

New Mexico- You can go nude, just cover your genitals and female nipples.

North Carolina- You can not pretend to be married in order to share a hotel room, it is chargeable.

North Dakota- you may not confine an animal in heat.

Oklahoma- You may not have simulated sex or any animal sex

Oregon- Illegal to lie down in a public restroom. However, it says nothing about kneeling!

Pennsylvania- Oral and Anal is illegal and punishable by jail time.

South Carolina; if a guy promises marriage and gets the bride to be to sleep with him, the marriage HAS to happen. It could result in a fine or jail time.

South Dakota- No Hard-Ons in public!

Tennesee- No Student can hand hold with another student

Texas- 6 dildoes are the limit to what one person can own.

Utah- Adults can only show sex periphanalia to their own children.


I know I know… a few states are missing, but their Crazy sex laws just weren’t crazy enough for my list. If you know of a crazy sex law in your state, PLEASE share it here! Comment or email it to me:

So, After taking a peek at my list… where are you moving too?

I think after looking at all these crazy sex laws, I just may have to move to Amsterdam… because I would definitely pull some HARD time 🙂

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