Crazy dream fuck fantasy just how dirty is Chase’s mind?

Crazy dream fuck fantasy – What I am about to tell you about is real in my dream at least. *giggle
So I had this crazy ass dream that I was in an adult cartoon porno. My character was this blonde big boobed bombshell and she was smoking hot. I mean I wanted to fuck her or me or whatever since I was her lol!

Anyways so there I am in this Crazy dream fuck fantasy and there were so many things lined up to fuck me. I say things because they weren’t all human guys lol! There was a rabbit ( reminded me of a dirty version of a well known what’s up doc rabbit).  He had this dildo that was spinning so fast it looked like a circle that fast. He turned it off and then stuck into my tight little pussy and turned it on and OMG it was like heaven like it seemed so fucking real.

Then after a few normal human cartoon characters that fucked me and made me suck their dicks.
There was this character that was like made out balloons and his pecker was small at first so I told he must have been losing air somewhere and kind of laughed at it and then he sticks his thumb in his mouth and starts to blow and his cock starts growing and growing and growing until this thing is like 2 foot long and thick and he tells me to blow on his balloon so my mouth twists and opens like huge like this gapping hole.

Talk about a Crazy dream fuck fantasy.

He shoves his enormous balloon cock in my mouth. I start sucking and it’s making the balloon screech like when you rub on a filled balloon. So when he explodes he literally explodes like his pecker pops in my mouth and he deflates right in front of me. Talk about a Crazy dream fuck fantasy.

Wanna hear more of my dream?

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