Crazy Cum Fun is how we are soaking up the son and prepping for the holiday coming up.

Crazy Cum Fun is how me and my girls like to spend almost every weekend. However, this one is super special since just around the corner there will soon be a lot of things popping off. I hope come that week we make some of our fireworks pop off, but in the meantime we are pre-gaming. When we celebrate we so truly go all out. We are having a cookout at one of our friends houses. There are lots of sausages and not just the ones on the grill. I find me way over to the tiny pool and sit inside of it. I am sure they plan on putting drinks in here, but I so have a much better idea for what to do with it. My brain and body are buzzing from the booze and party favors so I do not think twice about stripping down, completely naked.

I call some cocks over and beg for them to fill my sexy little horny mouth.

Five cocks are taking turns slamming down my throat. This cookout pool party is going to be some crazy cum fun. Some girlfriends of mine squeeze into the little pool with me. We are taking back to back cum shots soaking us from head to toe. Our sexy tan skin is getting creamed and coated in this sap! This little pools is filling up with sperm and I can not wait to go bathe in it more. I stand up and go lean against one of the blow up rafts. I am so sticky from head to toe! My pussy and ass hole are completely exposed and so awaiting to be stuffed and pumped up. The biggest cocks cum over and fuck me open. My holes are so begging to grip those cocks tightly and to drain them inside of me.  Multiple creampies is making me fucking horny.

The shot glasses coming out, are lining up needing a liquid to make them full.

This Crazy Cum Fun day is just warming up. We have our skin soaked in tanning sperm. A tiny pool bath. Holes that are triple stuffed, and shot glasses that are about to be full of cum and piss. I am adding in piss. We are going to go hard like this all the way until it is fourth of July. Red White and Blue never sounded so perfect. These cocks are so getting to be dry. Group sex is the absolute best. Wet warm mouth, slippery fuck holes, lots of skin to paint, and tummies to so fill up. Looking down I see my perfect little pink tight holes now gapped and leaking hot white puddles. This is so the best week ever.

Crazy Cum Fun is so sexy and dirty. I really hope we all get so blackout drunk that some Forced Raw Sex happens all night long!

Hot phone sex is a necessity! Cum fuck me like the little cum eager whore that I am!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke