Sex with a stranger might sound nasty or impersonal. I however do not look at it that way. There is something liberating in just enjoying another persons body. I never go out thinking I’m gonna have sex with a stranger, it kinda just happens.

I was out at the club and saw this guy off to the side. Just your typical average guy who looked like he wasn’t pulling int he ladies like his buddies. Something about that draws my attention. I love to play with the average Joe and let him feel like a stud.

Staring him down, I strode over to him with purpose. I pushed my chest out and asked him to buy me a drink. No sooner said then done, I had a drink in my hand. We struck up a meaningless conversation that lasted all of 5 minutes. My pussy needed his cock so I decided to speed things up a bit.

I stepped between his legs as he sat on the bar stool. I whispered into his ear about how I wanted to leave and take him for a ride. He stood up and left the bar with a raging boner. We found ourselves in the dark alley. His lips smashed against mine.

I shoved my tongue deep into his mouth.

Whoever this guy was he knew how to kiss like a fucking pro! His hands kneaded my ass as his groin pressed into my pelvis. I could feel my panties slick and wet. My mystery guy reached under my skirt and tugged my g-string down. His fingers worked my clit with extreme precision. The first orgasm hit me hard. It was sweet and left me wanting.

He turned me around and put my hands up on the brick wall. My face pressed into the damp wall as I waited for him to loosen his belt. I thought I would feel his cock, instead, I felt his hungry mouth lick up my juices. I squirmed hard and whimpered for him to fuck me.

He took me by my long hair once he was finished tasting me. His cock was a very nice size. It filled me up as he slid in. Sex with a stranger never felt so sweet! He asked if he could cum inside of me, and I said yes! The poor choice really since I wasn’t on birth control!

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