“BBC? I had no idea you were into that babe.” I said to Jon. Jon had just blurted out one night that he was into that kind of porn. He craved black cock, but not just any. It had to be BBC and in gang bang form. This kinda intimidated me.

I watched some porn to see what it was all about. The thought of trading in his average cock for a succulent fat big cock became more appealing. Why not right? What could go wrong? I guess I was worried Jon would turn into a full-on cock sucker and no longer want my pussy.

Jon hounded me for weeks to go through with a BBC fest. I told him I didn’t wanna plan it. He had to put it all together. Basically, I would just show up and hit the cock party.

I came home one night after locking up the store. Crawling into bed I found sleep fast. Not sure how much time had passed but I felt my blankets tugged off. Something pushed against my lips. I figured it was Jon horny, only when I took his cock into my mouth I found it was larger and tasted different.

Opening my eyes I found the room full of black naked men. I gagged on the dick in my mouth. I tried to look up but couldn’t see much after the guy took my face into his hands. He kept talking about how my boyfriend looked like a skilled cock sucker!

Jon was on his knees and sucking off several BBCs.

My pussy tightened up, I found myself turned on watching him perform so well. Who would have thought a professional businessman could look like such a trashy little whore? Men were fighting to get into his mouth and ass.

Cum oozed out of his mouth and ass. The cock that was in my mouth pulled out fast. He walked over to Jon and pushed one of his friends out of the way. Maybe he wanted Jon more? Sitting back I watched Jon pleasure every guy in the room.

Pretty proud of him for taking so much cock like a whore!

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